Thai Visa Options

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There are a number of different options for entry into Thailand. The option you use will depend on how long and/or how often you want to travel to Thailand.

Non-visa Entry

For the nationals of many countries it is possible to enter Thailand without applying for a visa before entering. For this type of entry all you need is a valid passport and proof that you have transportation organised to leave the country. It is possible to extend your stay in Thailand but only for up to 7 days and this can not be guaranteed. If you think you will be staying longer get a tourist visa before you leave home.

The list of countries covered by this scheme: Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Cameroon, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom of Great Britain and N. Ireland, United States of America, Vietnam.

Tourist Visa

You can apply for a tourist visa before you arrive in Thailand. These are issued for stays of up to 60 days. They can be extended for up to an extra 30 days. Like with the non-visa entry extension you are not guaranteed to be given an extension.

Longer stays

If you would like to stay for longer you have a number of options. It is possible to get a multiple entry visitor visa. Your visa will have a maximum number of times that you can enter the country. Each stay is up to 60 days and at the end of each period you will need to leave Thailand before returning. There is no minimum length of time that you stay out of the country before you can re-enter.

Once your visa and/or number of entries have expired you can use the non-visa entry scheme to stay longer. During this time your ‘boarder runs’ will be 30 days apart. You can only stay in Thailand under this scheme for 90 days out of any 180 day period. Therefore you can only do 3 boarder runs before you will need to get another tourist visa.

There is another class of visas available for those wanting to spend an extended length of time in the country. These are the Non-Immigrant visas which are multiple entry visas. Each stay is up to 90 days before a boarder run is necessary. They are valid for 12 months. If your timing is correct, and you do a boarder run on the last day that the visa is valid, you can stay for 90 days after the expiration of the visa. The availability of these visas is highly variable with some consulates giving them easily and some being very difficult.


Many people over-stay their visas for various reasons. Most people seem to have no problem with this as long as you voluntarily leave the country ie you go to the airport or border crossing to leave the country. However, if you are caught in Thailand over-staying your visa you are in for an unpleasant experience. You will find yourself in jail until preparations are made for you to be deported at your own expense. Do not over-stay your visa!

If you do over-stay your visa and you leave on your own accord you may be required to pay a fine. There is no fine for an over-stay of one day. For two days the fine is 1000 Baht and every day after is 500 Baht.

Beware that both the day you arrive and the day you leave is one day each. Also if you go through immigration at 11pm but you flight is at 1am the following day it is the day that your flight leaves that is important.

For more information on Thailand and more specifically Pattaya you can try Pattaya Newbie.

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Need To Honeymoon Destination Thailand

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The best course of action to take sometimes isn’t clear until you’ve listed and considered your alternatives. The following paragraphs should help clue you in to what the experts think is significant.

Bangkok, the city of angles or ‘Krungthep’,was established in 1782 by King Rama I. The very charm of the city, indeed the whole country, is its antiquity combined with rapid modernisation. Amidst sealed skyscrapers nestle the old pagodas of the many ‘wats’ or temples. Roadside Buddhas ,exist and profilerate, ensuring handy outless for joss-sticks and flower offerings, food and shawls. The more the offerings, the more fervent the prayer of the devotee…

Roadside stalls and shops jostle for space with these Buddhas along with food vendors-on pushcarts, on little stools, on stands, in baskets carried on a pole across the shoulders. Fruit and flower sellers stand at every corner.

Aromatic cooked rice in leaf or plastic packets are sold even in mini supermarkets, with the smell an intergral part of the atmosphere of Thailand. Seafood predominates-with a rich chilli flavour. Indians and vegetarians need not fear for there are plenty of Indian hotels in the city. In fact an Indian would instantly feel at home, wandering around the crowded city-the people are friendly and one even finds roadside cobblers here, unlike the posh Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. And best of all Indians are glorified as tourists here for they do a lot of shopping and the Thai economy practically rests on tourism.

A honeymoon couple would be advised to go on a pre-booked package with a reputed hotel. Bel Aire Princes is a fabulous hotel, expensive and luxurious. It also serves small variety of Indian food in the evenings. The Indra Regent area has many Indian enteries too. The package ensures a visit to the Wat Arun, the Golden Buddha temple, the Reclining Buddha, the Emerald Buddha and the City Palace. Most of these sights will be familiar to the Indian movie goer, for Bangkok has become a popular movie location.

City tours include a visit to the rose garden, the gem cutting centre and a silk factory.

Thailand is famous for its gemstones and silver jewellery, both certain to bring stars to a bride’s eyes. Chinatown is a lovely area to walk through, filled with flowers and produce. Food is a delight here.

Truthfully, the only difference between you and Honeymoon experts is time. If you’ll invest a little more time in reading, you’ll be that much nearer to expert status when it comes to Honeymoon.

Clothes are cheap as labour costs are low. Thai’mumdee’ silk or tye and dyed silk is a specially, a must-buy for most women. As for readymades, Prathunam Market is a near paradise, a whole busy enclave on Ratchprarop Road. Here are located fashion houses like Armani and Versace. But never mind them, right below their regal noses one can purchase fine imitations, complete with logo, in the open sir stall of Prathunam. The garments are churned out in the closed markets behind with sewing machines busy round the clock. ‘How many do you want?’ asks the friendly shopkeeper when I ask the price of a Boss Shirt. he laughs when I ask for just two, more used to Indians buying in bulk.

A walk along Soi 3,4 and 5 leads to Akbar, and Indian restaurant, serving good Mughlai food. Along the Sois are open air stalls selling handicrafts, clothes, cloisonne, wood masks, blue pottery, the unique metal turquoise painted Thai musician fingurines, watches-all fake, toys,VCDs. All remain open till 11p.m.

Patpong and silom-these are the famous night bazaars of Bangkok, where life begins only after 10p.m. Food-one can eat a variety of Thai food on the pavements or go into the Western food joints, pubs and bars here. Massage parlours have women standing outside, enticing unwary tourists. Heading out of the city is an option to go to Pattaya, a 2hour trip to a beach town. Pattaya is a strange place with a sightly seedy promenade where Indians are not advised to venture after dark. The cabaret show and a trip to Coral Island so it is only worth it if you are into snorkeling and water scooters. Perhaps a place best avoided by the romantic couple. For those with a sun and water fixation, islands like Krabi, Kochi Samui, Phuket, etc. are geared to be ideal resorts. Rafting and canoeing, other than just sunbathing, are sufficient thrills here-with the knowledge that Leonardo di Caprio sunbathed here as an added attraction!

A trip to Kanchanaburi, about 128 kms away, is good for nature lovers and would ensure a less crowded and more romantic scenario. The Death Railway and the Bridge on the River Kwai are, of course, not to be missed here. But the best part of a visit to Thailand is a trip to the Floating Market-about 2 hours away in Ratchaburi. Tours start early in the morning, in order to reach there well before the boats come out. One is put in the water in a long launch for a leisurely ride in the canals for about 1 1/2 hours. Old homes jut above the banks, with daily chores and baths conducted in the streams.

And then suddenly, at a turning, one sees scores of long open boats coming at you, each with one person at the helm, mostly women. And the boats are piled high with produce-hot food, fresh vegetables, etc. Breakfast is served like never before! The boat comes along and jars alongside, the old women boats sturdy enough to ram into each other. business is conducted over the water, and selling and buying has never been so charming. After the ride, the banks lined with handicraft shops entice one to buy cheap blue pottery, pewter and clothes. Romantic keepsakes will not make a deephole in the pocket here.

If going about the city on one’s own-the MRT or the lovely little tuktuk (autolike vehicle) driven merrily with scant regard for rules are safe methods of transport and cheap. In the throng of Bangkok’s traffic which turns to five packed lanes on an expressway, the tuktuk is sure to make rapid headway. And for that shopping stroll, the only way to cross the road is to do as the Thais do- hold up you hand to stop the flow and sash across.

With so many spots so soaked in romance,Bangkok is a great honeymoon destination-with a little extra honey making further lovely spots within one’s reach. Best to avoid the place in April though, when the heat touches a sizzling 42, fizzling out romance!

If you’ve picked some pointers about Honeymoon that you can put into action, then by all means, do so. You won’t really be able to gain any benefits from your new knowledge if you don’t use it.

Peace Through Tourism

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It is staggering to think that elephants sought higher ground immediately before the Tsunami hit Asian shores on December 26th 2004, while no advanced technology existed in the form of an early warning detection system that could prevent the loss of human life … or so said a spokesperson for the Ministry of Tourism of Sri Lanka. I can’t say for sure. I wasn’t there. I was safe and dry in Varese, Italy at the time, and a long way from Pound Ridge, New York, from where I hail.

I have been honored to be one of the many panelists at the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism Global Summit in Pattaya, Thailand, an organizational conference dedicated to exploring the ways in which tourism can and does promote peace. I was one of the only westerners there and was surrounded by Ministers, Members of Parliament and others dedicated to the concept of sustainable tourism and peaceful tourism.

While I spoke about the strategies that western tourism enterprise has utilized to confront terrorism and natural disaster in the U.S. and Europe over the past few years, my fellow panelists from Sri Lanka, Uganda, Cambodia and South Africa, to name a few, discussed the ways in which terrorism, internal armed-conflict, war and poverty have affected their lives and those of their families and countrymen. Among a group of co-panelists at breakfast one morning, I was the only person to not have held the status of refugee at some point in my life. To the extent I have changed houses or homeland, it has been entirely through choice and a quest for new experience and I know nothing of fleeing for my life or the lives of my children. My colleagues from across the sea, in contrast, have been counting the years, and in some instances, the months, days, hours and minutes of peace.

It is amazing to me that the more I am exposed to through travel and interaction with peoples of other countries, the more ignorant I feel. Like most people, I know that people living in other parts of the world do not share the same standard of living that I do, but I did not know that the single greatest killer of children world-wide is unclean water. I did not know that my colleagues in Jordan get water once a week, but that my female Jordanian colleagues have virtually no “glass ceiling” that prevents them from advancing professionally. I didn’t know that there are still cold-storage containers on the shores of the Andaman coast in Thailand that contain the bodies of unidentified loved ones after the wave hit and I didn’t know that police boats and huge fishing trawlers still lie kilometers from the sea where they lie against buildings, but otherwise upright, as if they are simply dry-docked in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What is sustainable tourism and how can we in the western world assist our brothers and sisters in less developed areas to face problems that affect fragile economies so dependent upon tourism? And how can we, as tourists, promote peace when we travel? So many of us, as individuals as well as public and private enterprise, donate money. Is that the way to assure that families and businesses post traumatic natural or terrorism-related episode continue to survive? It appears, based on what I have seen and heard here, that despite our display of compassion, exemplified by our overwhelming generosity, that this may not be the answer. Houses built with Tsunami donations, for example, but which failed to consult the cultural, physical and spiritual needs of the people, lay vacant. Boats built with Tsunami donations lay idle on the shores awaiting beurocratic clearance before they can be used by Thai fisherman. Tsunami money to Sri Lanka remains unutilized because the Sri Lankan administrative offices charged with administering the money, are located in an area of the country which is governed by a para-military entity not recognized by the U.S. or the United Kingdom.

The best answer seems to be exemplified in the request I heard time and again from His Excellency Akel Biltaji, Special Advisor to His Majesty King Abdullah II of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordon, His Excellency. Eng. Ziad Al-Bandak, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Palestine National Authority, Ibrahim Yusuf, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, and James Lu, President of the International Hotel and Restaurant Association, to name a few. The way to be a part of sustainable tourism in each of these countries, is for the average tourist to “come back.” This means — to go back to Bali and to Jordan as soon as possible after the recent bombings, to frequent the hotels that were rebuilt after the Tsunami, but that are not yet at full occupancy, to eat the fish caught by local fisherman served in local restaurants and to buy the handicrafts of the indigenous peoples. The way to be part of the movement of “peace through tourism” is to be an ambassador of acceptance, traveling with an open heart and open mind, and demonstrating respect in our words, behavior, and interaction with peoples of all cultures. “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness,” said Mark Twain. In this era of terrorism, a reality that Mr. Twain probably never contemplated, truer words were never spoken. As a general rule, we do not hate people we understand, and we have no reason to destroy what we do not hate.

As I walked around Khao Lak in Thailand, an area that was almost completely washed off the map by a wall of water, I was also reminded of the words of Francis Ford Coppola, “Time is the lens through which dreams are captured.” As my lens captured the images of hotels, local businesses and homes in ruins, I feel that it was simultaneously capturing the ghosts of the people who walked in and out of these thresholds. But, it also captured the dreams of the Thai people to rebuild their land. It captured the dreams of lasting peace of the Sri Lankan people whose internal armed-conflict screamed to a halt because they lost almost all their weapons and ammunition in the wave. And it captured my dream for all of us in the Western world to revisit this world of smiles, elephants, pristine shores, Buddhist temples, limestone caves, blue skies and peaceful waters.

Pattaya A Go Go Review

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1. Happy – The Best of my favorite go go bar. There are beautiful girls, friendly staff, good set up- one main stage and seats all around it and one off stage to the left when you enter. This place is always busy, so if you can, get there early.

This place probably has the most talent I’ve seen in a go go bar. Typical go go bar music but are we there for the music? No! I’m there for beautiful women and this place has it. I don’t have anything bad to report about this bar because I’ve always had a great experience there. They have shows (I have no idea how often) girls come out, dance naked- good stuff. One thing I love about this bar, aside from the stunners who dance on the main stage, are the girls in the big white boots, black skirts and little boob tops.

2. Living Dolls LD – Great places, it reminds me a lot of Peppermint, just a lot smaller, but definitely has some talent walking around and other types. Typically, it is a really fun place to hang out. I met a bunch of really fun girls from there. I saw a handful of guys get shot down by the main performers, which honestly, I’ve never seen in other places. I guess it really can happen. The top performers are some beautiful girls; a little heavy on the tats, but if that’s your thing, there’s a girl with leg tats that’s just ridiculously hot while dancing. I met a main performer who spoke great English, no tats and could move up on the dance floor like no other nice girls and if you expect me to remember her name, you’re dreaming

3. Boesche – Beautiful girls everywhere and they have a great show in the Jacuzzi in the back. Girls eating each other as they put the back of their heads into your lap and you drink a brew with a girl eating downtown at the Y below you. Good stuff. Nothing to report here, this place can get very crowded, but seems to be a late night crowd (gets busy after 11pm). Main stage dancers are usually top notch.

4. Peppermint – Peppermint is a great place to start the West Side Crawl. All the girls I’ve ever met there were a lot of fun, spoken English and were a blast. It does have a mix of everything; some really smoking hot girls, some mediocre, but the place is so big, it really just houses any kind of girl so it doesn’t really matter. There is nothing but great times there and some great talent walking around. Find the stunners they are there, but will go quickly at this bar.

5. Windmill – This place brings a tear to me eye back in April 2007, this place seemed to have so much young, amazing talent that my neck was on a swivel and I met a stunner who was a 12 on the looks department my favorite all-time girl. Since then, Windmill has seemed to go downhill, not so many stunners and while they are wearing plaid semi-school girl outfits, it is just not the stunner quality girls you’d expect. So sad because it used to be such an amazing haven and I used to run to it (imagine a foreigner running down Walking Street in slow motion, with a tear coming down his cheek). The show is great, but if the girls aren’t hot.

The Ultimate Beach Vacation.

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For the ultimate beach vacation there is no better location than that of “Jomtien Beach” in Thailand
Which is just a two hours ride in a taxi from Bangkok Airport.
The Jomtien Beach is located about two kilometers from its busy counterpart resort of South Pattaya.
Jomtien beach and the area along its beach road have now become more and more popular for swimming, water sports and activities because it has a long straight coastline and they’re being less boats anchored in its waters. There are very many good quality hotels, bungalows and guesthouses. A wide range of small and large condominiums is also available for short or long term rental and many good restaurants serving a wide variety of fresh seafood with a full range of Thai cuisine and International dishes.
Many tourists come to this area to just enjoy the scenery and the beach. Chairs are available to sit with a table to have food and drink served directly to you as you soak up the sun or simply lay back and listen to the waters lapping on the sand.
Go swimming or enjoy water sports such as wind surfing, ride a water scooter, parasail or take a speed boat ride, even water skiing is possible.
The Jomtien Beach has good quality white sand and a very long coastline to enjoy. The beach is much more peaceful here than its counterpart of Pattaya further up the coast. The beaches are always kept in a pristine condition by the many vendors who are there to look after all your needs.
Along the early part of the straight beach road you will find many souvenir shops, international restaurants, food stalls. But at the far end of the beach road there are very good seafood restaurants and it is where you can find yourself at times the only person soaking up the sun.
You can also swim late into the night along a large part of the beach as the sands are floodlit which makes for a very safe environment to swim after the sun has gone down. May be you only want to simply find a quiet bar for any drink of your choosing. Many are available and the prices have to be seen to be believed.
Jomtien beach simply has it all without having to travel long distances. But if you fancy a more adventurous evening and want to enjoy a full range of nightlife activities Pattaya is just a few minutes down the coast. Transportation around the Pattaya and Jomtien area is simple. The open pick up cars
(Baht buses as they are locally called) are running all the time. Just hail one down and climb aboard.
Jomtien is one place in the world where a good quality beach vacation is simplicity itself.
How do I know these things – I live there.

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Try this link for more of the same

Make a Plan of Your Thailand Vacation

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Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, is one of the most popular tourist spots in Asia. Thailand is situated at the geographical heart of South-East Asia, on the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea.

Covering an area of about 513,120 square kilometers, Thailand is the third largest country in South-East Asia. Boasting of magnificent islands, stupendous beaches, picturesque hills, mysterious caves, dazzling waterfalls, and lush green forested areas, Thailand abounds in wonderful attractions.

However, these attractions are not just the reason that draws millions of people from across the world per year, but beyond that. The destination is also much favored for its salubrious tropical climate, sumptuous cuisines, heritage palaces, interesting museums, fabulous architecture, ancient shrines interesting activities, and above all, the presence of smiling amicable Thai people.

Additionally, Thailand is also one of the Asia’ preferred destination for medical and wellness tourism, with a number of sophisticate private hospitals and spa establishments offering rejuvenating massages and beauty therapies.

Attractions in Thailand are categorized in terms of regions, such as, the Central Region, the North-East Region, the East Region, and the South region. The Central region is much famed for its sites of historical significance. Bangkok, the capital city of the country, is perhaps the greatest of all attractions in this region.

Just few among many of the highlights in the region are Wat Phra Kaeo and Grand Palace complex, Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), Wat Saket (Golden Mount), Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha), Wat Benchannabophit (Marble Temple), Vimanmek Palace, and the Pasteur Institute’s Snake Farm. Another much famed tourist attraction in this region is Ayuthaya Historical Park, which is about 75 kilometers north of Bangkok.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ayuthaya once served as the capital of the Thai kingdom for more than 400 years. A host of historic temples, crumbling palaces and fortresses, and ruins of ancient sculptures and architecture that stand as a symbol of ancient Thai kingdoms can be seen here.

Also, included in the highlights of this region are Kanchanaburi, whose focal point is an allied war cemetery; Lop Buri – an ancient city that dates back to the 9th century; Phetchaburi, which is renowned for its attractions such as Khao Luang Caves filled with statues of Lord Buddha, the hilltop palace of Phra Nakhon Khiri, and Wat Suwanaram noted for its murals; and Hua Hin, which is the country’s oldest beach resort.

With Laos and Burma as its neighbor, the Northern Region of Thailand is bestowed scenic attractions covering forested hills and fertile river valleys. This area also encompasses some parts of the fabled Golden Triangle. Among the attractions in this region are Sukhothai, which is noted for its huge stone images of Lord Buddha.

Phitsanulok, which is famed for Wat Phra Si Rattana Maha That, enshrining the much revered Phra Buddha Chinarat; Lampang, with several Burmese style temples; Lamphun, boasting of Wat Phra That Hariphunchai, which stands as a fine example of northern religious architecture; Chiang Mai, an ancient city founded in 1296; and Nan, where annual boat races are conducted.

Bordered by the Mekong River and Laos, the North-East region has a unique topography, and is home to attractions such as Khao Yaii National Park, Nakhon Ratchasima, Nakhon, Ubon Ratchathani, Yasothon, and Khon Kaen. Included in the attractions of the Eastern region are Pattaya, one of the premier beach resorts in Asia; Rayong, whose prime attraction is Ban Phe fishing village; Chanthaburi, which is renowned for its historic sites; and Trat, with Ko Chang Marine National Park.

When comes to the Southern Region, this area contains a multitude of lush islands, beautiful palm-fringed beaches, forested mountains, and picturesque sanctuaries. Some of the attractions in the region are Phuket – the largest island in the country; Krabi, with 75-million-year-old Susan Hoi shell graveyard; Pattani, which boasts of the most beautiful mosque in the country; Surat Thani, with the magnificent island of Ko Samui; and Chumphon, with excellent scuba diving facilities.

Above all, people touring Thailand could indulge in a number of activities from water sport activities such as diving, paragliding, sailing, and deep sea fishing to activities like viewing traditional Thai boxing, indulging in traditional Thai massage, taking Thai cooking classes, and jungle trekking.

In short, Thailand has everything that is required to make your vacation in the destination amazing as well as unforgettable. Hence, the destination has accommodation choices to cater to every taste and budget. From hotels and resorts to condominiums and apartments, accommodation choices are aplenty in the destination. Along with these options, also a popular choice is villa, which is perfect for those seeking privacy and luxury.

10 fun things to see and do in Pattaya Thailand

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As one of the nightlife hubs of Thailand, Pattaya has as much to do during the midnight hours as it does during the day. It has gained notoriety as the capital if Thailand’s sex industry, but there are plenty of other entertainment venues in town including beach-related activities, amusement parks and fine, five-star accommodation.

Mini Siam
For a glimpse into Thailand’s historic and architectural past, pay a visit to Mini Siam on Sukhumvit Road. Tourists flock here daily to walk in among the 80 buildings that make up this miniature reconstruction of Thailand’s more popular sites such as the Temple of Phimai in Nakorn Ratchisima, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha as well as modern additions like Don Muang Airport. These recreations are scaled down to 1:25 of their original size and are best viewed at night when the exhibits are illuminated.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not
Pattaya is not particularly well-known for its museums however there is one facility that fits the bill in an off-beat sort of way. Ripley’s Believe It or Not is a shrine to bizarre, unexplained phenomena that have stumped and amazed people for years. There are more than 300 displays and several immersive exhibitions including the Motion Master, the eerie Haunted Adventure and the walk-through sound and light show called the Infinity Maze. Many of these larger exhibits employ actors, impressive special effects and animatronics to enhance their effect. The museum can be found on the third floor of the Royal Garden Plaza.

Sriracha Tiger Zoo
The Sriracha Tiger Zoo is located just off Route 3241 and can be reached via a 30-minute drive from Pattaya. Animal lovers are given the opportunity to interact with tiger cubs and even bottle feed them under carefully supervised conditions. Photo opportunities are possible, and there are a few other side exhibits that include elephant shows and crocodile demonstrations. One of the more outlandish presentations features a woman wrestling a crocodile.

Million Years Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm
A wealth of flora and fauna can be found at the Million Years Stone Park, located 15 minutes drive from the city centre. These well-kept grounds are home to a variety of plant and animal life with impressive specimens included in the beautiful bonsai garden, and breeding pens accommodate 1,000 crocodiles. The daily crocodile roundup can be viewed by visitors every afternoon, and there are also elephant shows and a group of rare albino bears on display.

Wat Yansangwararam
Pattaya’s most well-known temple was built in 1988 in honour of King Bhumibol’s 42nd year on the throne. The temple sits atop 299 stairs skirted by slithering snakes. The grounds are well-kept and include a pond and Chinese pavilions. There’s also a small museum on the grounds that contains antiques and art exhibits that originated in China. Yansangawararam is located just a few miles south of the city centre.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden
This sprawling, 600 acre park is a replica of a Thai village and offers a glimpse into the life of the agricultural population. Some of the ground’s more outstanding attractions include a cactus garden and an impressive orchid nursery. There’s a zoo that houses local animal species and a lake for canoeing. In the arts centre, daily presentations include exhibitions of Thai dance, Thai boxing, an elephant show and cock fighting. The gardens are located a few miles south of Pattaya, and shuttles leave from Nipa Lodge Hotel several times a day. There are also bungalows and cottages on the grounds itself for those visitors who wish to stay overnight.

Pattaya Elephant Village
The Thais have had a long relationship with their indigenous elephants, with roots that date back to their roles as beasts of war in ancient times. More recently, elephants were employed in the timber industry as teak wood haulers. Today, they are protected by law and are most easily viewed at special facilities like the Pattaya Elephant Village. A variety show is performed every day in which the elephants play football and demonstrate their prowess at hauling lumber. Visitors are also given the opportunity to ride elephants.

Pattaya Beach
Pattaya’s greatest local attraction is its beach, more than two miles of which borders the city centre. A tree-lined walking path gives easy access to several laid-back restaurants that serve some of the city’s finest fresh seafood. The southern stretch of beach is livelier due to the commercial development and the thriving nightlife, while the northern stretch is more peaceful. Swimming in the waters takes a back seat to the more aggressive water sports and chartered boats bound for nearby islands.

You can’t visit Pattaya without acknowledging its strongest asset, a behemoth nightlife and sex industry. A great number of foreign tourists come here to specifically indulge in the many bars and clubs that are fronted by minimally-dressed, young Thai ladies. Walking street is home to a long stretch of go-go bars, along with a few establishments that cater for gay clientele. Those who would like to enjoy a night out with a little less sleaze will find a couple of Irish pubs, a blues bar and an English pub.

Amusement parks
Due to the city’s status as a tourist destination, there is every manner of amusement park to entertain visitors. Underwater World is an impressive, modern aquarium—the largest in all of Asia, with an underwater walking tunnel that allows a unique perspective on the aquatic life. Funnyland Amusement Park has mainstream carnival rides including a roller coaster, carousel and a swinging Viking ship. Pattaya Water Park offers respite from the summer heat with water slides, whirlpools and a children’s swimming area. For a more secluded experience, check out the Pattaya Park Resort and Amusement Park which is located on a secluded coastline with staggering towers that house revolving restaurants with spectacular views.

Best Asian destinations for the US dollar

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With the strong US dollars, traveling to the Far East may be the way to go. Not only will you get the chance to visit these exotic places, you will be doing a whole lot more as your dollars convert to more bang for your bucks.

Each place offers unique cultural experiences as well as scenic explorations. Below is a list of 6 top places to visit in Asia:

1. Hong Kong

It maintains the only non-fluctuating currency exchange rate to the US dollar. The gateway to Asia, the name literally translates to Fragrant Harbor. Colorful and varied skylines outline the main island of Hong Kong and the surrounding islands. From the time you step into the most modern and efficient airport to the dazzling sights of Kowloon, this teeming city is one vibrant kaleidoscope of excitement and shopping extravaganzas. Enjoy ferry rides, great food and juxtaposition of upscale jewelery stores along Nathan Road with plenty of side-streets of local food fare and tourist souvenirs.

2. Macau

A Portuguese island in the South China Sea close to the Chinese Mainland and a hydrofoil ride from Hong Kong, it offers the world famous casino for those who like to gamble.

European architectures abound, especially in its churches. Stay at one of their world-class hotels and enjoy the warm services of its people. Try sports like Jai-alai. Certainly one of the most laid back Asian destinations, the prices are more than reasonable.

3. Thailand

Just 3 hours flight from Hong Kong, Thailand is fascinating with its markedly different architecture, especially the high profile temples. Temple Wat Arun and Wat Po are household names. From navigating the myriad of canals transversing Bangkok to the quaint Tuk-Tuk to riding in the modern subways, Bangkok is best appreciated up close and personal.

If you prefer the idyllic getaway, consider the many pristine beaches: Pattaya, Phuket, or Ko Samui Beach or the quiet and cool countryside of Chiangmai. Catch an elephant ride or catch the cultural dances offered at many restaurants and enjoy exotic spas all relatively cheap with your US dollars.

4. Singapore

Clean and green, this little diamond-shaped island has much to offer compared to its size. The most diverse of the Asian countries, with its colorful mix of nationalitiesChinese, Indian, Malay, Caucasians from all over the world, you can easily get by with its excellent transportation system.

Hop onto their clean subway and visit Chinese Gardens, The Mandai Zoo, the Jurong Bird Park

Top Ten Majestic Places To Visit In Asia

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Asia is probably one of the most enigmatic continents in the world. Not only is it rich in very diverse cultures, but it is also rich in history. You will never run out of wonderful places to visit in this wonderful and mysterious continent.

1.) Indonessia’s Breathtaking Bali

Bali is one of the very beautiful places to go to once you are in Indonesia. Do not miss out on Batubulan Village, famous for sculptures made out of fine stone. Get to enjoy Bali’s culture like the Barong Dance and enjoy the beautiful crafts of its goldsmiths and silversmiths.

2.) Exotic India

If India is in your Asia tour itinerary, then you will never regret it if you went on one of those boat rides in the Ganges River. Get to see, too, the devout citizens of India while they pray and bathe on the sacred waters of the Ghats. If you want to see their temples, then the Khajuraho Temples is for you, an architectural wonder

3.) The Wonderful Side of Pakistan

Pakistan, although an intimidating country, has a lot of sceneries that tourists will love. Get to see a majestic view of the Himalayan Mountains and the Monkial Ranges. If you want to know more about Pakistan’s culture and people, then the Swat Museum is a must place for you to visit.

4.) Buddhas of Bangkok

There are a lot of statues of Buddha that you can see in Bangkok, and one of the temples tourist flock to is the Reclining Buddha Temple. You must also visit the Erawan Shrine as well as the Snake Farm of Bangkok that is located near the shrine. For a more modern tour, visit the Safari World and Bangkok’s Pattaya and Coral Island.

5.) What Vietnam has to Offer

Vietnam is now one of the favorite destinations of tourists. Tourists love exploring the city on their own and tasting the different food Vietnam has to offer. There are also cruises that a tourist can enjoy like the cruises along the Mekong River, and they also get to visit the smaller islands to taste the wonderful fruits Vietnam has.

6.) Unforgettable Katmandu

Another unique place to visit is the Katmandu where you will get to know more about its culture and people by strolling in the Katmandu Durbar Square. Do not forget to visit, too, the Buddhanikantha Temple, another one of its famous tourist destinations. You can also go to Pashupatinath Temple.

7.) Big China

You cannot tour all of China in a week, but here are some of the top places to visit in China. The Yangtze River Cruise is one of the favorites of not only the tourists but the local citizens as well, and in this tour, one gets to have a closer communion with nature. The other places that you must not forget visiting is the Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City as well as the Temple of Heaven.

8.) Delightful Turkey

Turkey is one country you should not fail to visit. There are a lot of museums you can visit like the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. You can also visit famous archeological sites like Pamukkale’s Hierapolis as well as famous mosques like the Blue Mosque.

9.) Enjoying Japan

Get to experience both old and new Japan in your Asian tour. Visit the wonderful and exciting City of Tokyo, a big contrast to Japan’s mountain villages where the old culture is still palpable. Also, get to know more about its people and culture by visiting the temples, shrines and palaces of Japan.

10.) Modern Singapore

Singapore is one of the world’s business regions. Also, this is famous for being one of the major shopping centers in Asia and is rightfully called Shopper’s Paradise. Its stores’ competitive prices as well as air-conditioned malls are one of the favorite places tourists go to.

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