Best Asian destinations for the US dollar

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With the strong US dollars, traveling to the Far East may be the way to go. Not only will you get the chance to visit these exotic places, you will be doing a whole lot more as your dollars convert to more bang for your bucks.

Each place offers unique cultural experiences as well as scenic explorations. Below is a list of 6 top places to visit in Asia:

1. Hong Kong

It maintains the only non-fluctuating currency exchange rate to the US dollar. The gateway to Asia, the name literally translates to Fragrant Harbor. Colorful and varied skylines outline the main island of Hong Kong and the surrounding islands. From the time you step into the most modern and efficient airport to the dazzling sights of Kowloon, this teeming city is one vibrant kaleidoscope of excitement and shopping extravaganzas. Enjoy ferry rides, great food and juxtaposition of upscale jewelery stores along Nathan Road with plenty of side-streets of local food fare and tourist souvenirs.

2. Macau

A Portuguese island in the South China Sea close to the Chinese Mainland and a hydrofoil ride from Hong Kong, it offers the world famous casino for those who like to gamble.

European architectures abound, especially in its churches. Stay at one of their world-class hotels and enjoy the warm services of its people. Try sports like Jai-alai. Certainly one of the most laid back Asian destinations, the prices are more than reasonable.

3. Thailand

Just 3 hours flight from Hong Kong, Thailand is fascinating with its markedly different architecture, especially the high profile temples. Temple Wat Arun and Wat Po are household names. From navigating the myriad of canals transversing Bangkok to the quaint Tuk-Tuk to riding in the modern subways, Bangkok is best appreciated up close and personal.

If you prefer the idyllic getaway, consider the many pristine beaches: Pattaya, Phuket, or Ko Samui Beach or the quiet and cool countryside of Chiangmai. Catch an elephant ride or catch the cultural dances offered at many restaurants and enjoy exotic spas all relatively cheap with your US dollars.

4. Singapore

Clean and green, this little diamond-shaped island has much to offer compared to its size. The most diverse of the Asian countries, with its colorful mix of nationalitiesChinese, Indian, Malay, Caucasians from all over the world, you can easily get by with its excellent transportation system.

Hop onto their clean subway and visit Chinese Gardens, The Mandai Zoo, the Jurong Bird Park

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