17 Ways to Find Your Love in Pattaya, Thailand

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I wrote about 50 ways to find love in Pattaya. The only problem I had was that at the moment I could only squeeze 33 ways out of my tired old brain. So, I started to think of all these other ways that you could find your love in Pattaya. So, here are some more ways to find your love in Pattaya.

1. Polo. Yes, sports fans the international jet set fly themselves and their steeds from around the world to compete in a friendly game of Polo. Some people can afford to ride polo ponies and some people can afford to ride bare back.

2. Remote controlled cars. This is new to Pattaya and looks like a lot of fun. There is an outdoors miniature track for remote controlled cars. So, start your engines and let the fun begin.

3. Remote controlled boats. Can you imagine someone setting on their boat off shore in Pattaya bay and a boat 2 to 3 feet long passes them? I can imagine them thowing their bottle of beer overboard and rubbing their eyes in disbelief. You can buy small remote controlled boats for fun and pleasure.

4. Bread. My love is bread. I love hot, fresh bread with butter. I love all kinds of bread. La Boulange the French Bakery holds the key to my heart.

5. Thai Cuisine. My wife and 27 million Thai people love dining at Baan Chaiyapruek. People travel from Bangkok to dine at her restaurant because she is an internationally known chef and carries credentials from the King. She also has a cooking show on TV.

6. French fine dining. Ok, Ok, So, Im not French but I lived there when I was a child and I became used to fine dining. I love fondue and it is available at Ma Maison and Au Bon Coin.

7. Spanish food. I have not had the pleasure to taste the food yet, but I keep hearing about Cafe Ole. The ad in this paper offers a set menu for 160 Baht. I think Im being seduced.

8. Steaks, BBQ Baby ribs. I love nibbling on ribs. Dont you? See the ad in this paper under Cafe New Orleans. Ps. Pecan pie.

9. Italian food. I love Duilios. Their main menu is hard to beat and you will not believe how many varieties of pizzas they have to offer. I have also been seduced by the food at Simpatia Italian. Style, charm and grace.

10. Dutch Food. Yes, there is a Dutch restaurant in Pattaya. It is at Pattaya Bazaar and it is called Eves Coffee Planet. You got to try this. You will be seduced and food is unique.

11. Indian Food. I love the romance at Alibaba. My wife is so easily seduced by the atmosphere, the music, the food and wine. Its great for me.

12. Swiss Food. The Swiss chef is equal to the French chef and two restaurants that my wife and I have tried and really, really liked are Restaurant Belge and the Rotisserie. Live a little and treat yourself to fine dining. Its so romantic.

13. Great French food that anybody can afford. There is only one little French restaurant that is very high quality food and very low prices and that is yours at Le Cap Breton.

14. Big Room Entertainment. For big room fun, excitement and entertainment with a thousand people and most of them are young and beautiful women you got to experience Tonys. There are 700 beautiful women in the complex every night. My wife likes to go there at mid-night when things begin to heat up and the party gets really started and everything starts to climax. Oh! Ya! Ya! Ya! Only, in Pattaya ya ya ya.

15. Shopping. My wife and I lust for shopping. We window shop. We deserve a try-on. Did you know that you could get a face-lift in Pattaya by the best Doctors in the world and at Thai prices too? Did you know that you can afford to have costom made clothes and shoes make in Pattaya? Join the crowd and go shopping.

16. Bars. I had to give up drinking or die but I still like to go to bars and Go Go clubs in Pattaya with my wife because they are good clean fun and entertainment. Maybe, just maybe, you can find love in a Pattaya bar. Sure. Right. Maybe not. Whos looking anyway?

17. Penthouse hotel and the Kitten club. I saved the best for last. I cant write enough about this hotel or club because there is just too much to write about. This hotel and club has only the best in everything. They have thought of everything.

I stayed there for 3 weeks in May 2001 and it changed my life for the better. Wow! What a great time I had at the Penthouse hotel. The food, the decor, the service, the Jacuzzi, the rooms, the grace and style are simply the best. And the prices are very reasonable too. And now sometime this week or next, they are going to open and underground swimming pool/bar with all kinds of swings and trapeze. I got a peek of the construction and you wont believe your eyes. There is nothing like this swimming pool/bar anywhere in the world. Go see it for yourself. Bring a friend.

Also, penthousehotel of course. Simply the best. There will be a feature article when the swimming pool/bar has its grand opening.

There are so many ways to find your love in Pattaya. Read The Best in Pattaya section in this paper and the other ads in this paper for a few more ways to find you love in Pattaya.

Live, Love and Laugh.

The East Coast of Thailand

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Located within easy reach of the capital, the east coast resorts and islands attract a mixed crowd of weekending Bangkokians, pleasure-seeking expats and budget-conscious backpackers. Transport connections are good, prices are generally more reasonable than at the biggest southern resorts and, if you’re heading overland to Cambodia, the east coast beaches make challenging territory across the border. You’ll find the whitest beaches on the offshore islands –the five-hundred-kilometer string of mainland strands are disappointingly grey and the resorts here cater more for Thai groups than solitary horizon-gazing foreigners. In addition, the discovery of oil and natural gas fields in these coastal waters has turned pockets of the first hundred-kilometer stretch into and unsightly industrial landscape of refineries and depots, sometimes referred to as the Eastern Seaboard. Offshore, however, it’s and entirely different story, with island beaches as peaceful and unsullied as many of the more celebrated southern retreats.

The first worthwhile stop comes 100km east of Bangkok at the less than scintillating town of Si Racha, which is the point of access for tiny Ko Si Chang, whose dramatically rugged coastlines and low-key atmosphere make it a restful haven. In complete contrast, Pattaya, just half and hour south, is Thailand’s number-one package-tour destination, its customers predominantly middle-aged Western and Chinese males enticed by the resort’s sex-market reputation and undeterred by its notoriety as the country’s most polluted beach. Things soon look up, though, as the coast veers sharply eastwards towards Ban Phe, revealing the island of Ko Samet, the prettiest of all the beach resorts within comfortable bus-ride range of Bangkok.

East of Ban Phe, the landscape starts to get more lush and hilly as the coastal highway nears Chanthaburi, the dynamo of Thailand’s gem trade and one of only two provincial capitals in the region worth visiting. The other appealing inland city is Trat, 68km further along the highway and an important departure point for Ko Chang, a huge forested island with long, fine beaches, plentiful accommodation and a host of smaller, less developed islets off its coasts. East of Ko Chang lies the Cambodian border post of Ban Hat Lek, one of two points – the other being Aranyaprathet, a little way north – where it is currently legal to cross overland into Cambodia.

Highway 3 extends almost the entire length of the east coast – beginning in Bangkok as Thanon Sukhumvit, and known as such when it cuts through towns – and hundreds of buses ply the route, connecting all major mainland destinations. Buses from Bangkok’s Eastern (Ekamai) Bus Terminal serve all the provincial capitals and tourist spots; there are a few services here from Bangkok’s Northern (Mo Chit) Bus Terminal as well, and tourist minibuses run direct from Banglumphu in Bangkok to the ferry piers for Ko Samet and Ko Chang. One Eastern Line train a day runs in each direction between Bangkok, Si Racha and Pattaya. There’s and airport at U-Tapao naval base, midway between Pattaya and Rayong, served by Bangkok Airways flights to and form Ko Samui and Phnom Penh in Cambodia.


Ko Si Chang – Tiny, barely touristed island with craggy coastlines and appealingly laidback ambience. more …
Pattaya – Away from the girlie bars and high-rise hotels, there’s rewarding year-round wreck and reef diving nearby. more …
Ko Samet – Pretty (and popular) little island fringed with dazzlingly white beaches. more …
Ko Chang – Large, sparsely populated island, with several good beaches and lots of accommodation. more …
Ko Mak – Stay in a teepee-hut on this diminutive island with fine white-sand beaches. more …

reference info. by The Rough Guide


Samet Island


Eastern Bus Terminal(Ekamai)



Thailand Travel 10 Tips

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1. Koh Chang – Don’t stop at only Koh Chang because Koh Mak, Koh Kood and Islands surrounding Koh Chang also have more beautiful beaches and water.

2. Chiang Mai – Try to find hotels outside of the city such as on Hangdong – Samoeng and Samoeng – Sankamphaeng routes because there are better views and hotels along the mentioned route are less expensive than the hotel in the city with the same standard. The true nature of northern Thailand can also be experienced.

3. Phuket – Don’t pay too much attention to sea-view rooms because the limitation in space. The sea could not be seen directly from rooms in most hotels. The tourist should pay more attention to the standard of the hotel and the distance from the beach.

4. Koh Samui – If you have limited fund, the best way to travel to Koh Samui is by speed boat from Lomprayah Catamaran Company. Lomprayah offers less expensive service than taxi for hire and service provided by the hotel directly. Nevertheless, if you have no problem with fund, you should hire a taxi because this would create job for the locals.

5. Andaman Sea – Trang Sea is as beautiful and interesting as nearby provinces such as Krabi. The prominent tourist spots in Andaman Sea are Koh Libong, Koh Hai, etc.

6. Krabi – Although Railay beach in on the mainland, you still have to travel by boat from Ao Nang beach because it is surrounded by mountain and cannot get to by land transportation.

7. Pattaya – North Pattaya beach and Central Pattaya beach have many facilities but the true nature can be found at Koh Lan, which is 7.5 kilometer from Pattaya. You can get there in 45 minutes by regular boat and 15 minutes by speedboat.

8. Hua Hin – Hua Hin is a popular beach that is close to Bangkok but that does not mean that it is the most beautiful. Not far from Hua Hin, Pranburi beach is much quieter and more suitable for relaxation but the transportation may not be as convenience as at Hua Hin.

9. Koh Samet – You should contact travel agency or the hotel in order to find out which pier to get on the boat. Some hotels provide their own service. Don’t trust strangers because you might end up higher price.

10. Bangkok – Jatujak market has products from all over the country e.g. cloths, decoration, house hold items, souvenir, food, pet, etc.

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Living in Pattaya Condominiums

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Located about 150 km south east of Bangkok and lying along the Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya is perhaps the most wonderful island in Thailand. With its picturesque surroundings comprising incredible beaches, city-like dining, vibrant nightlife, and excellent shopping facilities, living in Pattaya is regarded as living in paradise.

Inspired by the amazing beauty and highly sophisticated infrastructure of the island, many foreigners, including Americans and Europeans, have chosen this destination to spend their life after retirement. A host of other benefits are also derived from living in Pattaya. The main is that Pattaya provides an excellent lifestyle and that too on a small budget. Another great benefit is safety, since the crime rates are comparatively low in contrast to other destinations. Above all, Pattaya boasts of a salubrious climate year-round.

No matter your choice is apartment, single detached house, villa, or bungalow, Pattaya has a plenty of accommodation options. Since Pattaya has now become a much favored destination among foreigners, condominium units are of special demand here. Further, the Thai government does not impose any kind of restrictions on foreigners to own a condo unit in Pattaya, except for some requirements to be met under the Condominium Act (1979), such as bringing in 100% of funds for the purchase of condo unit in foreign currency and recording of it by a Thai bank on a Foreign Exchange Transaction Form (FETF), which in turn is considered an evidence to submit it to the Land Department.

Many condominium units around the prime areas of Pattaya, such as Wong Amat beach, Jomtien beach, and Bang Saray and Tawanron beach, are sold out even before the completion of their construction. The demand for Pattaya condominiums is further driven by factors such as low interest rates and a weak Thai Baht.

Depending upon your budget, lifestyle, preference, and number of family members, a variety of condominium units are now available in Pattaya, ranging from budget and luxury to single and multi-roomed. Pattaya condominiums come in a myriad of forms, including, townhouse, apartment, and sometimes even as a single detached structure. Let it be of any type or size, a condominium complex in Pattaya is mostly replete with amenities such as high-end bedrooms coupled with comfortable beds, expansive living rooms, fully equipped kitchen, most modern bath area with uninterrupted water supply, and eco-friendly areas.

Some of the most popular condominium units come attached with most sophisticated facilities such as game rooms, laundry facilities, whirlpool spas and saunas, pools, meeting rooms, and parking areas. There are also certain condominium complexes attached with facilities such as game rooms coupled with tennis courts and gym.

Further, purchasing a condo unit in Pattaya provides a continuum of benefits. One of the greatest advantages of living in a condominium in Pattaya is that it allows you to live in a well managed community. Security is another great benefit of Pattaya condominiums, as there are a large number of people.

Other benefits of living in a condominium in Pattaya are low interior as well as exterior maintenance costs and access to common facilities such as library, elevators, and swimming pools. Also, buying a condo unit in Pattaya serves as an excellent long term investment, yielding huge profits. However, the price of condominium units is exceptionally high when compared to other accommodations options such as houses and villas.

Prior to choosing condominiums as your accommodation alternative, certain things have to be taken into consideration. As condo units are mostly governed by condominium association, it must be checked whether the rules and regulations put forward by them are flexible. For instance, there are certain condo communities imposing restrictions on the usage of the pets. Other matters such as condominium interior and outdoor maintenance fee, neighborhood, and parking area must also be considered for living in a condominium in Asia.

Buying or renting a condominium in Pattaya is no longer a tedious process, since a multitude of property builders, consultants, and real estate firms as well as realtors are in the scenario to render best services. Since many of them have them have their own sites on the web, with details including expected price, amenities available and pictures of the condominium, it allows for convenient purchasing of a condominium.

Thailand Transportation

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All trains depart from Hualamphong Station except the twice – daily service to Nakhon Pathom and Kanchanaburi, and a couple of the Hua Hin trains, which leave form Bangkok Noi Station (also refered to as Thonburi Station). The “Information” booth at Hualamphong station keeps English language timetables, or you can try the State Railway of Thailand website (www.srt.motc.go.th) carries and English – language timetable and fare chart for major destinations. Tickets for overnight trains and other busy routes should be booked at least a day in advance (or at least a week in advance for travel on national holidays), and are best bought from Hualamphong. The clued-up English-speaking staff at VC Travel and Tour on the mezzanine floor of the station concourse (daily 5am – 8pm), above Coffee Bucks, sell all types of rail tickets at no commission, and can also book discounted mid-range accommodation at your destination. Alternatively, during normal office hours you can buy rail tickets from the clearly sighed State Railway advance booking office at the back of the station concourse (daily 8.30am-4pm).


Bangkok’ three main bus terminals are distributed around the outskirts of town. Leave plenty of time to get to the bus terminals, especially if setting off from Banglamphu, from where you need at least an hour and a half (outside rush hour) to get to the Eastern Bus Terminal, and a good hour to get to the Northern or Southern terminals. Seats on regular long-distance bused don’t need to be booked in advance, but air-conditioned ones should be reserved ahead of time either at the relevant bus station or through hotels and guest houses. Agencies sometimes provide transport to the bus station for an additional charge.

The Northern Bus Terminal or Sathaanii Mo Chit (departure info for both air-con and regular services) is the departure point for a few buses to the east-coast destination of Pattaya, Chanthaburi and Trat, through there are more regular services Thanon Kamphaeng Phet 2, near Chatuchak Weekend Market in the for north of the city; the fastest way to get there is to take the BTS Sky-train to its northernmost terminus, Mo Chit on Thanon Phaholyothin, which is just a few minutes’ walk from the bus terminal. Alternatively, you can take several city buses to Mo Chit, metered taxi and Tuk Tuk.

The Eastern Bus Terminal, or Sathaanii Ekamai, at Thanon Sukhumvit Soi 40, serves east-coast destinations such as Pattaya, Ban Phe (for Ko Samet) and Trat (for Ko Change). The Sky-train stops right by the bus terminal at Ekamai station, as do city buses, metered taxi and Tuk Tuk.

The Southern Bus Terminal, or Sathaanii Sai Tai Mai is at the junction of Thanon Borom Ratchonni and the Nakhon Chaisri Highway, west of the Chao Phraya River in Thonburi. If handles departures to all points south of the capital, including Hua Hin, Chumphon (for Ko Tao), Surat Thani (for Ko Samui), Phuket and Krabi (for Ko Phi Phi and Ko Lanta), as well as departures for destinations west of Bangkok, such as Kanchanaburi, Regular and air-conditioned buses leave from different sections of the Southern Bus Terminal, and anyone there will be able to point you in the right direction for your bus. To get here, take city buses, metered taxi and Tuk Tuk.


Domestic flights should be booked as far in advance as possible, though tickets can be bought at the airport if available; the domestic departure tax is included in the price of the ticket. Thai Airways is the main domestic carrier and flies to over twenty major towns and cities; Bangkok Airways currently covers just a few routes from the capital, including Ko Samui, Ranong and Hua Hin. All domestic flights leave form Don Muang airport.

The fastest, most expensive way of getting to the airport is by metered taxi, which can cost anything depending on where you are and how bad the traffic is. If you leave the downtown areas before 7am you can get to the airport in half and hour, but at other times you should set off at least an hour before you have to check in.

Every guesthouse and travel agent in Banglamphu, and many hotels elsewhere in the city, can book you on to one of the private minibuses to the airport. Those running form Banglamphu depart approximately every hour, day and night, though you’ll get picked up from your accommodation, you should book yourself on to a minibus that leaves at least an hour and a half before check-in commences as it can take up to 45 minutes to pick up all passengers, after which there’s the traffic to contend with.

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Are You Looking for a Luxurious Beach Hotel & Resort in Pattaya?

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Pattaya is well known for its nightlife and beaches and is located about 150 km southeast from Bangkok. By car you would have to spend about 1.5 hours as the motorways are very developed.  Starting as a fishing village, Pattaya has grown tremendously the last 40 years.  The hotel industry has flourished with lightening speed due to ever increasing number of tourists visiting Pattaya (about 5 million per year). Hence, it’s the most popular and profitable business of this region. For this purpose only, the right hotel with lots of offerings at low rates is very easy to find.  Pattaya has a lot to offer for anyone such as theme and amusement parks, golfing, ease of access to beaches, scuba diving, sailing, para-sailing, bungee jumping, go-karts, and a very vibrant nightlife.  Pattaya also has a wide variety of international cuisine as well as great sea food at the restaurants along the beach.  You can also find some great bargains on clothing in Pattaya.  Although not as extensive as Bangkok, it still has some great shopping venues. 


The general factor for choosing a right resort at Pattaya would usually be the starting price. You can visit each hotel’s official site to see and check their offerings. You can also browse directories and travel sites by price, by class or even by top 10 lists. This can ease your work of finding the right accommodation partner when you visit Pattaya; little bit of searching can get you more than what you invest for the stay.


However, there are few points to be noted before choosing a hotel for your stay. Price should not be the only factor in choosing the right hotel. Other factors like location, services do matter in choosing the right hotel. If you want a cheap hotel yet want to see

the beach from the room, then it’s not difficult job to find one as there are lots of accommodations which offer cheap accommodations.

But, if you plan to stay in a luxurious hotel then you need to decide about the location, as you may be expecting high quality service for the money you spend.

If you have a fair budget and want all the luxuries of a hotel but also want to see the beach from the room of your hotel, then you might consider Siam Bayshore Resort & Spa located between “Walking Street” and Bali Hai pier. This hotel consists of 12-beautifully designed low-rise pavilions are set in acres of manicured tropical gardens and quiet lagoons.  You can definitely feel a sense of privacy from your hotel room.  Each room has a balcony overlooking the gardens, pool or ocean.  This resort also offers six tennis courts for the avid tennis player, fitness room, 20 acres of lush gardens, swimming pool, children’s pool, Jacuzzi, spa services such as Thai massage, full aromatherapy treatment and massage, facials and foot massage, full conference and high speed internet connection.  As the life in Pattaya can get a little hectic at times, many people prefer to stay in a serene and private resort located by the beach.  Daily tours and arrangements to enjoy beach activities are available and highly recommended if you plan your holiday in Pattaya.

Look Inside To Discover Pattaya Thailand

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Our 26m boat is Pattaya’s largest and most popular, with fresh hot meals, soft drinks, hotel pickup, showers, sun deck and more! At the Baiyoke Pattaya Hotel you are centrally convenient to the beach, to the largest shopping area and to the resorts exciting nightlife arena. Our hotel has all facilities that guarantee a quality accommodation while in Pattaya. Our hotel is a new quality 62 room budget Pattaya’s hotel with tropical garden and swimming pool. We seldom ate in the hotel, preferring to dine at small resturants around the resort and in the center of Pattaya. About 240 meters hight that you can see Pattaya view, hotel and bungalow accommodation are also available. Select a Pattaya hotel below to find usefull hotel information, check hotel rates and room availability. Travel Library always lists the real direct contact details for every Pattaya hotel including email, web site address, telephone and location address. This hotel has the best and most convenient location of all the luxury resorts in Pattaya. Book your Pattaya hotel stay safely, securely and without worries. Book your hotel in Pattaya before you leave home and save money! That Pattaya is not your average package destination was illustrated when I checked into the hotel.

The bar is located on Pattaya Beach Rd so it’s the ideal location to call in for afternoon drink or to spend your evening. But whatever the seedy side of Pattaya’s nightlife is like, the city is still one of Thailand’s more popular beach resort communities. With such beginnings, its hardly surprising that Pattaya quickly gained an image as one of Thailand’s seedier beach resorts. Today Pattaya is Thailand’s premier beach resort and attracts annually more than a million tourists from all over the world. Even in the very heart of Pattaya you will be able to find long stretches of clean and sandy beach. Today, Pattaya is Thailand’s premier beach resort and annually attracts hundreds of thousands of pleasure-seeking tourists from all over the world. The resort has its own private beach, the only one in Pattaya, where one can explore the Island situated around the resort. It is located at the heart of Pattaya near the beach and next to best shopping boutiques and restaurant. The over-abundance of jet-skis and speedboats has contributed towards the pollution of the water along Pattaya Beach. There’s no doubt Pattaya Beach is a fun destination, but one that needs some consideration before a visit. We are situated within easy walking distance from the beach / seaes and the bustling shopping and nightlife in downtown Pattaya. For instance, as a beach wear some Russian women love those large adorned scarfs, sold all around Pattaya. People say that Pattaya Beach Road has a street life like no where else in the world, and it does.

Going with location pattaya vacances the fireworks location pattaya vacances were related, location pattaya vacances with age. location pattaya vacances There were location pattaya vacances selected location pattaya vacances from all location pattaya vacances superb. location pattaya vacances A deafening location pattaya vacances explosion. The location pattaya vacances signal for location pattaya vacances many tooks location pattaya vacances and present. location pattaya vacances There were.

This is a personal site providing nightlife reviews and a snapshot of articles that illustrate life in Pattaya. More infornation about the nightlife in Pattaya, the best places to enjoy a party… Conveniently sited close to a great number of Pattaya shopping centers and tremendous nightlife entertainment complex. Nightlife Pattaya beer bars along the waterfront Pattaya is renowned for its nightlife, much of which revolves around its massive sex oriented industry. Although this is the part of Pattaya that has most accommodation available, the nature of the nightlife can put families off. Especially, Pattaya nightlife entertainment is the most favorite attraction one should not miss. When it comes to nightlife in Pattaya, the go-go bars and beer gardens dominate. Probably more has been written about Pattaya’s nightlife than any other place on the planet. Night life and entertainment Pattaya is famous for its nightlife and the bay is lined with lanes full of fun bars and friendly people.

Non-stop excitement in the sun, shopping, entertainment, sports and excellent night life, Pattaya is a true world class destination. For shopping, fashionable boutiques and ready-made garments are flocked in the main street of central and South Pattaya. Les grands magasins et autres bazars de Central Pattaya offrent une autre vision du shopping. Shopping Pattaya has some surprisingly fashionable boutiques and shops selling clothes, silk, coral and shells, paintings, handicrafts, gemstones, jewellry and souvenirs.

Thus you have your car hire in Pattaya for sure and you avoid troubles on arrival by not finding the hire car that suits your needs. Don´t wait for the final call to book your car hire in Pattaya! car hire country guide Thailand lloguer de cotxes pattaya, autonoleggio pattaya, autoverhuur pattaya Beneluxcar wants your Pattaya car hire experience to be as enjoyable as possible. For cheap car hire Pattaya, find and compare prices from leading car hire companies. Find lowest car rental rates and best discount deals for car rental Pattaya. Just ninety minutes by car from Bangkok, Pattaya allows you to shed your suit or the city stress and let your hair down.

In Pattayaland you will find every service imaginable starting from the traditional karaoke bars to the impressive dance clubs and strip clubs. These are just some of the hundreds of so called beer bars that litter the streets of downtown Pattaya. Many ex-pats own bars in Pattaya, where the prostitutes work (you have to pay the bar a fee to take the girls home). Some end up staying in Pattaya for years and becoming mamasans, or recruiters for the bars.

The whole reason I went with them was because I thought that it would be exciting to get sex for free in Pattaya. Gerd Cornelius and his porn ring harem were arrested for producing live internet sex shows in Pattaya. However, Pattaya is still home to many international resorts and is crowded primarily with sex tourists. But even for those who have no interest in hired sex, Pattaya is still a fascinating place. There is no shame in Pattaya, sex is not a vice here, it’s as normal as eating or sleeping. By night, Pattaya isn’t short of entertainment and is well known for its sex scene.

Watersports, off-beat museums, wildlife and amusement parks and extensive sports facilities, including 10 superb golf courses, have added to Pattaya’s fun and sun. There are several highly recommended golf courses to choose from in the Pattaya area. Then, indulge in breathtaking adventures on the water, below the waves, on the golf course, or among the exciting sites of Pattaya. Justly famous for its night-time party zone, Pattaya’s also has first class golf courses and surprisingly, lots of family attractions. (coming) Golf around Pattaya is pretty close to golfers heaven for high and low handicappers alike. Twenty or more international standard golf courses are within an hours drive of Pattaya. http://www.rabbitresort.com

Adventure in Thailand

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Adventure takes many forms : a new relationship or job, sushi for the first time, or even a walk through an L.A. slum at 2 am on a Saturday night – all qualify.  

Webster’s dictionary defines adventure as “an exciting or remarkable experience.” It’s when we break out of our daily routine and dare to take on a new challenge, boldly going into territory that is unfamiliar to us.  

But most people, when they think of adventure, think of travel. And though pretty much the whole world has been explored before by other people (with Marco Polo setting the benchmark several hundred years ago), what matters is that it is your discovery. Adventure travel is a highly personal thing and what it teaches you about the vast world that surrounds you and its relationship to you is what makes it both worthwhile and essential.

This is probably why adventure travel keeps growing in popularity. In a world gone wrong, cluttered with technology, self-interested politicians, bureaucracy, greed and numerous other complications, it is crucial to get back to the basics of life and to set personal challenges that bring out the noble savage in us.

So remove yourself to another place, with strange people and customs, follow your nose, trust your instincts, and find a part of yourself you’d almost forgotten.

Thailand is an ideal location to live out these dreams – or alternate realities. With more than 25,000 square kilometers of national park land, islands, mountains, and a welcoming people, new and enlivening experiences are waiting for you to live them out.

Though there are endless adventures available here, two of the more popular possibilities involve going as high and as low as you can.

Scuba Diving : The Amphibian Within

There’s no getting around it. It’s programmed into our DNA that we are creatures of the sea, with a deep-seated desire to return to it. Meander aimlessly on thoughtful walk some lazy Sunday and your feet, of their own accord, will inevitably take you to the water – a lake, a pond, an ocean or a very large puddle – whatever is closest. We look out and yearn to return to our roots. Thanks to Jacques Cousteau, it is now possible, for a short time anyway, to return to the sea completely – for as long as the air in the tank lasts.

Thailand, with its countless beaches, coral reefs and modern dive schools is a popular spot to learn to scuba dive. Thousands of proud new divers earn their PADI international dive certificates every year.

It can be a bit scary at first – our instincts also tell us that we can’t breathe under water – but once you master the basic technicalities, there’s no experience like it. You have freedoms undreamed of by land dwellers. You are weightless, and can go left, right, forward backwards, up and down – and you are surrounded by colourful fish and plants. It’s another world down there.

But like anything worthwhile, it does take a bit of work and discipline to make your first dive. Over the course of a week or so, you take a step by step open water course to ensure maximum safety. You’ll start out in a classroom, studying buoyancy and pressure – you even have homework and exams to do (What? Homework at the beach?!!) This is combined with practice, starting in shallow water, learning to use the equipment getting comfortable with the idea – and soon you’re heading off to the open water by boat, working your way up to dives as deep as 18 meters. In less than a week, you are granted your certificate and can dive anywhere in the world unaccompanied – the beginning of a beautiful new friendship with the other two-thirds of the planet.  
Where to Go Under

With more than 3,000 km of coastline and countless islands, Thailand has enough dive sites to keep any enthusiast busy for a lifetime. Most divers head out from island and mainland areas on day trips, but it is also possible to explore more remote and less inhabited areas on liveaboard boats, heading out for several days at a time.

All of the places listed have several certified dive schools.

On the Gulf of Thailand side, or east coast of Thailand’s southern peninsula, the main diving area is in and around the Samui Archipelago, which includes the main islands of Koh Pa Ngan, the well-touristed Koh Samui, and Koh Tao, which is the country’s most popular diving island, featuring several coral reefs a short boat ride away.

On the Andaman Sea side, or west coast, are the islands of Phuket (the most popular holiday island in the country), Koh Phi Phi, the Krabi mainland, and the up-and-coming Koh Lanta.

Central Thailand’s south coast also has a few spots. Some divers base themselves in the wild nightlife town of Pattaya, but it’s a bit of a boat ride to the best dive sites. Heading east, almost to the Cambodian border is the Koh Chang National Marine Park, a group of more than 40 protected islands, surrounded by coral reefs.

Trekking : Because it’s there.

Thailand’s north is a gorgeous place where lushly vegetated mountains rise majestically from the earth – the tropical tail end of the Himalayan chain. For some mysterious reason mountains were made to be climbed. There seems to be an innate desire to struggle to peaks and look down on creation as if we were God almighty. When you are at a great height, taking in vast areas of creation in a single glance, the world, for a fleeting moment, belongs to you alone. In Thailand’s north, you can do just that, with the added bonus that along the way, you can rest overnight with Thailand’s hilltribe people. There are several different hilltribes, including the Akha, Meo, Lisu and Lahu – all with their own unique traditional lifestyle. These people migrated from Southern China into what until relatively recently was uninhabited territory less than two centuries ago, and set up shop as subsistence farmers.

Treks can run from two days to a week or more, as you hike through the jungle pathways on foot, by elephant (a daunting prospect at first), and by bamboo river raft, breathing fresh air, watching abundant wildlife and tiring your limbs, until you come upon the welcoming hilltribe village that you will call home for the night.

An evening with a Thai hilltribe is an unforgettable experience. After your hike, the food tastes fantastic, and along with the villagers you settle sit around the fire, singing songs and watching traditional dances – be prepared to do a number or two yourself from your home country.

After a few hours with these charming people, you may find yourself tempted to give up your career in accountancy, or whatever it is you do back home, shed yourself of all your possessions and live the simple life of honest hard work and a bowl of rice at the end of the day. Tempted, yes, but after a little reflection on the labours you have to put in for that rice bowl, you’ll probably opt to take home a few of the colourful handicrafts, and treasure your memories from the land of comfort from whence you came. Really, it’s better this way.

Trekking : Where to Start

Chiang Mai, in Thailand’s mountainous north was the original home of hilltribe trekking, but in recent years a few other places have gotten into the act. Chiang Mai itself is a relaxed city of about one million people, and the springboard to some great trekking locations, including Doi Inthanon National Park, which is the host to Thailand’s tallest peak at 2700 meters. The second city of trekking is the more somnambulant Chiang Rai, a bit further north. Both cities have very good airports and regular flights from Bangkok and elsewhere.

One young upstart in Thailand’s trekking world is Nan, northeast of Chiang Mai, and the coldest spot in Thailand (which is nonetheless pretty darn warm if it snows in your hometown). New luxury hotels have been popping up here recently, yet many of the hilltribes in this area are new to visitors – so it’s possible to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Also becoming popular is the charming little town of Pai, which has developed into a Bohemian arts center for disillusioned hippie folk from both Thailand and abroad. The town is in the valley, surrounded by evergreen and rugged mountains with several trekking trails and hidden waterfalls.

Thailand has beautiful place very much if you come to tour in thailand , assure that ,you do will not be defeated certainly.

Pattaya Bar Areas

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The main Pattaya entertainment area is contained in an area starting at Walking Street in the south and extending about 3km north to Soi 2. The area extends back from the beach approximately 400m.

What follows is a brief description of the various bar areas found in Pattaya. It is no means comprehensive. Bars can be found anywhere in the area but these areas contain a high concentration of bars and many visitors group them together in a similar fashion due to their different character.

We’ll start in the north and progress south. Click on the map for a larger image.

Soi 2 and 3 Area

This area is dominated by open beer bars in complexes. In the area you will find the well known soapy massage parlours. There is one gogo bar and one coyote bar. Most of the action in the area is concentrated at the Second Road end of the sois and along that road.

Soi 6

Soi 6 is a unique place. This place is infamous for it short time bars and debauched behaviour. A trip to Soi 6 is a must on any visit to Pattaya.

The area contains mostly closed air-conditioned bars. There are some bars that have open areas and some have some gogo elements to them. There are also some normal pubs. The vast majority of the bars have rooms upstairs for short time engagements.

Beware that visiting this soi for the first time is very intimidating for a lot of guys. You are unlikely to experience anything else like it. It would be a good idea to meet someone to show you around.

Sois 7 and 8

On the south side of Central Road are Sois 7 and 8.

Like the soi 2 and 3 areas this area is dominated by open beer bars. There are a number of gogo bars and some larger bars. The bars extend along the whole length of both sois and onto both Beach and Second Roads.

The Soi 13s

This area comprises Sois 13, 13/1 and 13/2. Soi 13/1 is commonly known as Soi Yamato and Soi 13/2 Soi Post Office respectively.

This area contains a mixture of open air bars, closed air-conditioned bars and small gogo bars. Some of the bars are short time bars with rooms available should the need arise.

Pattayaland Sois

Sois 13/3 and 13/4 are known as Pattayaland 1 and 2. This area is dominated by gogo bars with small open-air beers in the mix.

This area is become more and more the domain of the establishments catering to gay visitors. The small L-shaped soi between Pattayaland 2 and Second Road is known as Boyz Town for obvious reasons.

Walking Street

For many people this area is Pattaya. You will see all sorts of people in this area from mum and dad with the two kids to hard-core mongers. You may at times feel like you are a zoo exhibit.

The main entertainment area on Walking Street extends for about 500m. On it you will find many gogo bars, open-air bars, pubs and discos. Some bars have live music while some are like those in the Soi 7 and 8 area. Prices are generally a bit higher here to compensate for higher rents.

Off Walking Street there are many sois to explore. Some of Pattaya best gogo bars are located on these sois so make sure you explore. In fact the bars make it easy for you as you will find people promoting the establishments at the corner of their soi and Walking Street.

No matter what your preferences Walking Street is a must do on a first trip. However, don’t get stuck there as it may be the heart of Pattaya but there is more soul elsewhere.

Soi Buakhoa and Soi Diana Inn

A little bit out of the way is the area along Soi Diana Inn and onto Soi Buakhoa. The area contains many open air bars, a few gogo bars and a newly opened coyote bar. The L-shaped soi between these 2 sois (Soi LK Metro) is also worth exploring.

The area is fairly laid back and has somewhat of a different feel to it. In recent times it is getting busier all the time. There are a few good hotels in the area which make it a great place to stay if you want to be a little off the beaten track.

Other Areas

There are areas outside of central Pattaya worth exploring at some stage. These include Naklua to the north, East Pattaya and Jomtien. For a first visit there is more than enough to keep you occupied in Central Pattaya. It is probably best to leave these areas to later trips.

If you would like more information on Pattaya you can try Pattaya Newbie. It contains a lot of information on Pattaya bars, Pattaya ladies and other general information.

Why on Earth Invest in Thailands Bangkok

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Thailand investment potential for overseas property buyers are enormous. Expanding tourism, easy accessibility and low property prices make for an investors paradise.

Thai culture has always been greatly influenced by China and India giving an exotic blend for which The Kingdom of Thailand has become famous. Buyers in Thailand tend to be mostly investors who are looking to cash in on the booming tourist industry however with increasing demand this is set to change

Overseas investors will be pleased that Bangkok recently opened a new airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), often called New Bangkok International Airport, which is 25 kilometers east of downtown. This facility has flights from all over the world on most major airlines. The old international airport, Don Muang (DMK), is open for limited domestic flights.

The Bangkok real estate market is one of the best for international investors who are interested in the Asian market. Research shows that the property market here is much more affordable than other south Asian cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore. Bangkok has a very nice climate year round and is also close to many recreational activities, such as beaches and tropical resorts.

Because of low labour costs and relatively inexpensive housing, many multinational corporations have made Bangkok one of their overseas homes. This has, in turn, drawn a lot of international businessmen and expatriates to the city looking for high quality housing at reasonable prices. There continues to be a healthy demand for property, meaning that investments should continue to rise in value for the foreseeable future.

The city is one of contrasts, with its fast growing urban skyline and many old temples and historical sights. It is also growing increasingly cosmopolitan with high end shopping, entertainment and fine dining. Because of Thailand’s strict foreign ownership laws, apartments and condominiums are the option of choice for most international property seekers in Bangkok.

The new property available in Bangkok is attractive to in the middle and upper-middle income buyers. These properties are typically one and two bedroom units ranging in size between 45 square meters to 80 square meters. Moving up towards the high-end market, new additions were seen in the Sathorn, Silom and Sukhumvit areas, with the majority of condo units offered being two and three bedrooms from 90 square meters to 190 square meters.

My other tip for the top in Thailand is the city of Pattaya which is to be found on the east coast of Tourism in this area appears to be increasing year on year. According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand 5.8 million people visited Pattaya in 2006. The combination of its big, wide beaches, water sports, interesting attractions, sightseeing, shopping, makes Pattaya’s a great place to buy property in Thailand.

In summary Thailand offers a host of opportunities for the international real estate investor

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