Pattaya Hotels Amaze To Be Discovered

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If you are the person who has visited Thailand, now you may have heard about Pattaya City. It is the major city of Chonburi province. It is one of the most popular destination of eastern part of Thailand. Each year, Pattaya gain quite number of tourist and it is considered as the tourism hub of eastern region. The very beautiful cosy beach and variesty of nightlife and activities bring very enjoyable activities. According to this reason, the hotel industry in Pattaya is also become popular and it is the most profitable business in the city.However, there are some basic guidelines for you in case you have to choose different types of hotels. As because the price is not only the key indicator to decide whether which hotel is good or not. You have to consider other factor like location, service or other facility etc.If you are considering to stay in five stars luxurious hotel, it is really important to decide about the hotels location. This is because when you have to pay for such an expensive room so you naturally expecting the great service and comfortable. Pay for high room rate for five stars hotel located in city central is may not worth your money. Try to look for the hotel that locate on beach side or if they have private beach will be really perfect.Finally, just enjoy your stay and your trip. The more information you get from research the more enjoyable your trip. Particularly for Pattaya, the city that never sleep with superb clam beach and environment.

A Guide to Buying a House in Pattaya

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Pattaya is considered to be one of the best places in Thailand to buy a house. Not only is it considered to be an entertainment hub of Thailand but also its real estate market is booming. Foreigners usually have a preference to purchase land and construct a Pattaya house rather than live in condos or move into an existing house that might not suit their preferences. Building or buying a house in Pattaya is comparatively worthwhile and low-priced. There is always a geared up supply of skillful labor.

Most of the foreigners have preferred to buy houses in Pattaya. In contrast to Bangkok, property is readily on hand in Pattaya, giving property hunters prospects for buying reasonably priced individual houses or investing at any housing estate. In 2007 buyers started on taking waiting to buy any real estate property as the new government was formulating its policies. The recent trend moves towards bigger low rise condos as compared to houses and villas. Even though there are ownership issues for foreigners in real estate, city limits of Pattaya are rapidly expanding. This is due to the new Airport and a highway widening program presently in progress linking Bangkok and Pattaya.

Residential houses in Pattaya present the best price in Thailand; they are usually big, comfy, contemporary and endowed with magnificent furnishings and pleasant landscape gardens. Due to the cheaply available material and labor, it’s not out of reach to have the benefit of living in houses rather condos.

Houses in Pattaya are numerous, and long stay residents opt for these rather than condos, preferring the tourist-free peace and quiet further out of the CBD. There are plenty of houses for sale, old and new, with the current trend being ‘gated communities’. These appeal to the Thai middle class in particular and present a nice modern ready-made suburb.

Property agents can show you ample of houses in Pattaya for sale. Also checking around for ‘For Sale’ signs in residential suburbs is equally valuable and eliminates the agent fee. You’ll notice that there are an abundance of empty houses in Pattaya, many developed prior to the ‘97 financial crash, and although it may be a buyers’ market (the condo boom in the city hasn’t entirely extended to houses), often the owners will hold out for an unrealistic speculative price.

The major obstacle to foreigners buying a house in Pattaya is the possession status, and in view of the fact that only Thai citizens can acquire land in Thailand, simply those with Thai spouses can purchase land. Still after that they don’t completely have rights and have to depend on faith. Additionally still, you can make a pact where you rent the land and own the house for the period of its term.

It’s prudent to consult a lawyer and carry out due diligence. Many houses on the real estate market in Pattaya are owned as investments by Bangkok residents and the truthfulness in selling a covert defect-free house is missing.
In general, houses in Pattaya provide much better worth than condos and even provide more advantages of living in a cheap tropical country.

An Effective Travel Guide for Pattaya

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Thailand is one place where many people would love to visit. The warm climate and the beautiful natural resources, such as the mountain geography in the north and the coastal beaches in the east and the south make it a very attractive location. We are going to look closer at the eastern region where the city of Pattaya is located. You may already have knowledge or you have been there been before but it is common knowledge that Thailand is a popular tourist location and has millions of visitors every year. This is due to the beautiful beaches and the vibrant night life which give people endless enjoyable activities.

For first time visitors to Thailand or Pattaya there are plenty of information resources that provide information about Pattaya. There are travel guides and there are websites that provide comprehensive information, such as the website of Tourism Authority of Thailand, (TAT), or you may want to visit which can also be used as an information reference.

Even though Pattaya gets its reputation from its beach and night life, there are many other tourist attractions that tourists can enjoy. For example, there is a fish aquarium that has recently opened and this aquarium can boast that it is the largest in Southeast Asia. As well as these tourist attractions there are activities such as rock climbing, hiking or even just relaxing on the beach.

The hotel accommodation in Pattaya can also offer excellent services. You can find a wide range of hotels available which cater for all budgets. There are the top luxury hotels which can provide a very private environment and services to ensure that you will not be disturbed. The massage and the beauty services in Pattaya have a very good reputation, particularly the traditional Thai massage and the facial therapy massage in the typical Thai style, which you will experience with the use of traditional Thai herbs that claim to cure various diseases through an elaborate massage method.

Pattaya is divided into three areas: north Pattaya, central Pattaya and south Pattaya. Each area has its own unique characteristics, such as the beautiful beaches and other travel attractions. North Pattaya is the closest to other attractions which are nearby, such as the Sila Village where the local mortar is made. Central Pattaya offers beautiful beaches and typical Thai city life

The people as well as the environment in Pattaya are also very pleasant. Even though there is more urban areas than suburban area, there is still a very good environment and very little pollution. People are also very friendly and always willing to help tourists.

Even though there are travel guides for Pattaya on the internet, some in Thai and some in English not all of them are reliable. It is wise to compare the various sites and ensure that they are up to date.

Thailand Destination, Heaven On Earth!

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Thailand lays in the Southeast of Asia. Its natural geography subdivides it into four portions consisting of mountains and forests in the north, rice fields in the central plains, arid farmland in the northeast, and the tropical beaches and islands of the southern peninsula. It is divided into seventy-six provinces which are further divided into districts, sub-districts and villages which are ruled by the king as Thailand is a monarchy. It is ruled by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej; who is the ninth king of the Chakri Dynasty. He has reigned for over half a century, making him the longest reigning Thai monarch.

There are approximately sixty-two million citizens of Thailand, with approximately seven million living in the capital city, Bangkok. The national language is Thai and often hard to understand to outsiders. English is a popular second language commercially and spoken in many shops, hotels, and restaurants with Thai/English street signs being seen nationwide. Other European languages are often spoken as well, which makes it easy to communicate with the locals. The local culture is influenced by the surrounding countries which have helped make up the traditions of Thai and provide ethnic diversity.

There are many internationally recognized placed in Thailand, such as the bridge over the River Kwai, built by Allied prisoners during WWII. There is also Buddha Mountain, a cliff face inlaid with gold into a carving of Buddha, which is the largest image of Buddha in the world. The islands are the location of novels as well as filming locations for movies. There is also the Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge which stretches into Laos. Thailand is surrounded by Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

Well recognized but not as well known by name are the dozens of pristine beaches, islands and other sparkling, exotic locales. Phuket is said to have one of the best places to watch sunsets at Phromthep Cape and is Thailand’s largest island. Pattaya is one of the most famous beach destinations in Thailand with a rich diversity and active night life. Phi Phi was the location of the movie “The Beach” and is included in a group of islands that make up the province of Krabi.

While visiting the beautiful locations in Thailand you will undoubtedly be welcomed by the people who are gracious hosts, as well as excellent dining which takes advantage of the ability to raise produce year round on much of Thailand. Fresh ingredients are always available in most areas and the local cuisine benefits from such abundance. Shopping is also wonderful in many of the cities, with a busy night life as well. As much of the country is coastline with beautiful tropical beaches there is no end of swimming, boating, snorkeling and even scuba diving that can be done to enjoy the waterscapes. Hiking, backpacking, and exploring can be done throughout the many wildlife preserves throughout the forest regions as well as around the many archeological ruins. There is no lack of things to do in Thailand as there can be with many tourist locations.

Bangkok Visitors Guide: Ten Fun Things To Do In Bangkok

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Your “Venice of the East,” the city of Bangkok offers you unlimited fun, enjoyment, pleasure, adventure, and excitement. Often nicknamed as the “City of Angels,” Bangkok is one of the most coveted vacation destinations of the world. Bangkok is the tourist destination known for its huge wealth of cultural sites.
The Thailand capital, Bangkok is as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or Krung Thep in Thai. Bangkok is an important economic and financial center in Southeast Asia. It is the 22nd most populous city of the world. The Bangkok Province borders 6 other provinces including Pathum Thani, Samut Sakhon, Nonthaburi, Chachoengsao, Samut Prakan and Nakhon Pathom.
There are a lot of fun things that you can do in Bangkok. The ‘Krung Thep’ is your place for the fun and adventure suiting to all tastes. The city offers you lots of fun during days as well as nights. It fascinates visitors with its enthralling, vibrant, colorful, and thriving scenery and nightlife.

You can visit Thai Village Show & Rose Garden to have nice glimpses of Thai Culture; some of the attractions include Buddhist Ordination Ceremony, Hill Tribe Dance, the Fingernail Dance, Thai Sword Fighting, Folk Dance and a conventional wedding ceremony.

You can have city tour to explore the beauties of Bangkok. You know, Bangkok is famous for its museums and parks; some of the places where you can visit include Children’s Discovery Museum, The Joe Louis Puppet Theater, The Snake Farm, Dream World, Bangkok Doll Factory, Ancient City, Jim Thompson House, Vimanmek Mansion, The National Museum Bangkok, Suan Pakkad Palace Museum, Royal Barges National Museum, Erawan Museum; The national Museum; The National gallery, The wax museum, Doll Museum, etc.

You must relish the nightlife of Bangkok whenever you are in Bangkok. Bangkok offers extremely vibrant and notorious nightlife. The city has a number of pubs, clubs, discos, bars, and restaurants. Aerobic dances are the area’s major attraction. You can visit Thai cultural centre that often features artistic performances in classical music, dance, ballet and pop.

Your Bangkok tour will be incomplete without having a tour of Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, which is some 80 kms outside of Bangkok. You can take an organized tour, and get the experience of a Thai village life.

Of course, you can’t miss tasting yummy Thai foods at the restaurants of Bangkok. There are numerous restaurants in Bangkok offering you everything from the traditional Thai foods, to Indian, Chinese, Italian, American dishes. Some of the best restaurants are Charley Brown’s Mexican Restaurant, Biscotti, Ban Klang Nam, New York Steak House, Suda, Lemon Grass, Rang Mahal, Govinda etc.

You can also have some nice time at Bangkok spas. You can find the world’s best spas in Bangkok offering all type of massage therapies, and other natural treatments at the best possible prices. Some of the best spas are Ananda Spa, dvn spa and Wellbeing centre, i.sawan, Oasis Bangkok etc.

Chinatown Bangkok, also called ‘Yaowarat,’ is a “must visit” thoroughfare in Bangkok. The street is full of ever-present goldsmith shops, sharksfin and birds nest restaurants, shops and vendors selling Chinese herbal medicine, dried mushrooms, salted fish, roast, Chinese calendars, almanacs and of course, lottery tickets.

You can enjoy some of the most popular activities in Thailand thru Boating Tours. You can enjoy the floating tours by the public ferryboat or a private water taxi. These tours will take down the Chao Phraya River and other watercourses, canals or Khlongs as they are called in Thailand.

The Bangkok Beaches are that places that you mustn’t miss. Bangkok offers you one of the coolest and the most pristine beaches, which include Phuket island, Krabi, Phi Phi islands, Koh Lanta on the South West Coast, Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan in Southern Thailand, Koh Chang, Koh Samet, Pattaya, Jomtien beach, Cha Am, Khao Takiab Bay. The beaches offer you great opportunities to enjoy windsurfing, skiing, diving, fishing, sailing, gliding, seaside restaurants, beach bars, etc.

Of course, Shopping Malls aren’t to be missed! Bangkok offers you the best, the most innovative and the biggest shopping malls in Asia. Some of the most popular Bangkok Shopping Malls include CentralWorld Shopping Complex, Siam Paragon- The Pride of Bangkok, MBK Shopping Center, The Emporium Bangkok, Siam Center Bangkok, Amarin Plaza Bangkok, Gaysorn Bangkok, Siam Discovery, Erawan Bangkok, Pantip Plaza (IT Mall), Peninsula Plaza, All Seasons Place, Platinum Fashion Mall Bangkok and Union Mall Bangkok.

Last but not least, you must visit Bangkok temples. Bangkok has a number of traditional and well known Buddha temples, such as Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace, The Grand Palace, Wat Po, Wat Arun or Temple of Dawn, Wat Traimit, Wat Benchamabophit (Marble Temple), and Wat Intharawihan.

Is Your Thai Girlfriend on ‘the Game’ (cheating on You)?

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As soon as I arrived in Thailand, I came across her. The real treasure, the one I had been waiting for; the one who could see my real qualities. She was young, charming and interested in my welfare. She showed me love like I had never experienced before.

Pattaya Walking Street.

It has happened. You’re hooked and the reel is spinning.

You love her, and you are sure that she loves you. She has told you and even demonstrated to you many times during your short stay in Thailand.

Unfortunately, the chosen one, the love of your life may very well be very different from who you think she is.

Something is for sure: If you have met her in a beer bar, go-go or a massage parlor, it is more likely that despite her immature behavior and her sincere responses that deeply touch you, she is in fact an awesome manipulator.

She will know how to string you along to pity her and to make you feel guilty, until you feel miserable.

Move you to pity her:

When she starts to talk about her financial problems (or those of her family) – her mother or father being sick in Isaan; the son or the brother who has to go to school in Bangkok; the roof of her parents’ house that is leaking and need to be fixed…. Some time ago, the best excuse was the sick buffalo….

Make you feel guilty:

Asking you to give her this money in a devious way. Claiming that if you cannot help her, she will either have to return working in Pattaya (or where you met her), or she will have to find another farang. And placing the responsibility for all of these bills on you.

Some people call it ‘The Game‘. And it is played in many various ways with the rules continuously changing, so that she will be the only one to know what they are.

In most cases, you will help her to come out of ‘hell’. Hell for you, but for her it’s often a paradise together with a gold mine. She will promise to you that she will stay in her room or even in her family home in Kon Khaen (Isaan), waiting for your calls or your SMS’s while watching TV. Once this affirmation has made its way into your brain, and together with all the evidence of her love for you during your stay, you will be able to return home, sad and depressed but confident that you have found, the right girl for you !?

Unfortunately, for you, this word, she has already promised it to one or two other farangs who were both as gullible and as madly in love with her as you are.

She will then ask you to send money to help her, calling on your pity, as we said before (the motives given here are only examples, but there are many more variations…). You will send money happily on her first requests (like the other two, three or four farang, and each of you will do this at the same time, and this will make her a good income to add to her regular job).

Then there will come the time when doubt and suspicion pop up between the two of you. Two or three phone calls unanswered, or a strange noise (for a room or a home in the country…) in the background; like the din of Thai disco or the noise of a go-go. Or another surprise, the “brother” who answers the phone.

And here comes the time when you will feel guilty. If you can’t or don’t want to pay anymore, the blackmail will start. It will be because of you (because you don’t give her ‘the little money’ she asks you for – all farang are so rich!) if she has to return to work in ‘hell’ with all those bad farang who will abuse her. And if it is not enough she will tell you that she will be forced to find a (rich) farang who truly loves her – and her family.

But in that case, you will have already spent a lot of money and your heart will be wounded. You will have spent many sleepless nights, and your telephone bills will have jumped sky high.

Thailand Private Investigator is here to help you avoid these types of situations.

The danger for you, starts just after you leave, so get in touch with us while you are still in Thailand, or as soon as you arrive home, in order to keep the damage, both monetarily and emotionally to a minimum.

We have teams of Private Detectives whose specialize in this field, and we will be able to tell you very quickly if your sweet girl friend is on ‘The Game’ or not.

We have the skills and facilities to investigate (fidelity checks – Background Checks – Surveillance) and we are able to quickly ascertain if she is sticking to her word or if she has gone back to work, or even if she is lying to you in any other way.

We will be able to tell you if you are the sole farang in her live or if there are others.

Our “Private Eyes” will then be able to help you avoid all the heartaches, the expenses, and this bad taste that stays after the strange feeling of having been taken for a ride (one more).

Nobody wishes to take place in a game where the dice are loaded, so take action right now and get in touch with us.

Don’t put your heart and money into the hands of the woman who really isn’t the woman you thought she was during your stay here. These would be the wrong hands, so it is better to be sure first.

Contact us now by e-mail to: and visit our web site – so that we can help to put your mind at ease.

How To Look For Great Deal Of Pattaya Hotel Booking

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For many people who have ever been to Thailand. It is quite normal that they have to visit Pattaya, the famous city in eastern region. It has great reputation for its beach and nightlife attraction. Of course when you go travel place which has great reputation, there will be a lot of hotel accommodation to choose and Pattaya is not exception. You may choose from very cheap guest house to luxurious five stars hotels.

However, one question has been raised that is about how to get the best price or the best deal of accommodation. According to the fact that when you think about booking hotel, I believe that almost everyone may think about booking online. Booking hotel online is the most convenient way that can be found in present day. However, there is a very strong competitive situation in this market so you should be careful on selecting hotel accommodation as well as the website agent for travel and accommodation booking.

Pattaya may not much different than any other city in the world, being the city of tourist so it is quite normal to have large number of hotel accommodation. Therefore, it is quite necessary to find to way to get the best deal for your hotel accommodation.

According to the fact that many people love to find booking for hotel accommodation from the internet. As in Thailand, from my own experience, it is quite normal that travel agency usually offer a little bit lower price than what are offered on the internet. Particularly for hotel booking site that has global networks. However, it is still necessary to find the reliable travel agent or hotel booking agent that can give you a trustful service.

As mentioned in the first paragraph that Pattaya is the top city for travelers, so the accommodation also vary. However, it is quite difficult for international guests to contact local travel agent. So they tend to use the internet booking service from international supplier. But for some one who may already have connection with local travel agent can get cheaper rate.

Also, the rate of hotel in Pattaya also very depends on the location, apart from the type of the hotel itself. If it is located on the beach side or the price may be has higher price than ones in the city. If you want to book your hotel through the website, just looking for the website that be able to provide full address and location map of the hotel so you can compare the price versus the location of the hotel.

Another thing that you have to be very careful when choosing resource for hotel booking, it is sometimes the rate of the booking website is not the same rate that the hotel actually charge you. For example, I had experience on booking online for USD150 per night but when I have arrived the hotel, I was told that the company have to pay 170 to the hotel, which is the contract rate for them and the hotel ask guest to pay for the company to be able to check out!!

Budget Hotel In Pattaya Tips

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One of the most difficult thing for tourists, especially for the ones who loves travel overseas , is to fine the cheapest or budget hotel rates and to find reliable travel agent or accommodation booking website. It may not be difficult for you if you want to go to some of major city in the wprld such as Paris or Milan etc. because you will find that there are plenty of websites that provides hotel booking service to these cities as well as useful information resources. But for just small city in certain country like Pattaya, it would be a bit more difficult.

Pattaya is the small city in eastern region of Thailand. It may not be as famous as major city like Bangkok or Chiang Mai or other provinces, but Pattaya gains its reputation among millions of foreign tourists who want to experience very beautiful beaches and endless night fife.

Even though there are many of hotel accommodation available in Pattaya, ranges from ordinary cheap guesthouse to vary expensive five stars hotel. But all of us still would love to find the best deal of hotel rates or at least be able to find budget hotels in order to save money.

For city like Pattaya, the average of hotel price for good accommodation is about 1,000-1,500 Baht (about $35 -$40). Within this price, you can get good level of accommodation which has full of facility in the room such air conditioner, fridge and sometimes this price includes daily breakfast. These facilities considered enough for daily requirement for budget hotel.

Unfortunately, many of major hotel booking website only provides reservation for big hotels. This is because as the business requirement that the website owners have to make profits from the reservations. Therefore, selling budget hotels or cheap hotels may not give them attractive revenue or it may not worth the cost of running the website.

Generally, these hotel booking website could get about 10% discount from the hotel rack rates in order to make profit. For example, if the hotel full rate is $100, the hotel will give retail price to the booking websites around $90 so the website can sell to user for about $95 which is $5 cheaper from the hotel full rates.

However, the number of discount does not have to be fixed as 10%. The amount of discount also depends on the negotiation between the hotel and the website owner, the more sale volume the website can make, the greater discount they will get.

According to this reason, the website owner may not interested in contacting budget hotels and include them into the reservation system because the website owner can not make significant profit from them. As a result, this is really difficult for travelers to find budget hotel reservation from the internet and they have to contact local travel agent instead, which offering higher price of hotel accommodation and they can earn quite large amount of money. Book the hotel according to your budget and try to get the best accommodation in Pattaya within your budget.

Pattaya A Single Mans Dream

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Pattaya located about 2 hours travelling time from Bangkok is a single man’s dream. Actually it’s a place where anybody from families to large groups can go to have fun.

It can be best described as a party place which offers, great accomodation at fantastic prices. Happening nightlife which caters from 3 year old children right upto grandpa. But the biggest drawin Pattaya has got to be the bars and nightlife. There are 1000′s of bars offer simple conversation with a hostess or even watching a kangeroo fight while you sip on a cold beer.

A step up from these beer bars, are the world famous gogo bars. What is a gogo bar you ask? Well imagine 50-100 young sexy ladies dressed sexy clothes sometimes themed like schoolgirls or nurses, put then on a stage dancing to music add a few beers and thats what a typical dance bar is like.Walking street is the main bar area in Pattaya, this is basically a 20 metre wide street shut off from cars that is approx 2km long lined either side with an assortment of hostess bars, gogo bars, restuarants, internet shops, discos, ice-cream parlours, massage shops. As you walk down the street you will constantly hear the words “WELCOME” from the ladies who are trying to get you into their bars. It is a good idea to stop a while and enjoy a beer while watching the people go bar. This for me is one of the best things about walking street, proberbly the best place in the world to wtch people.

However Pattaya has so much more than this lively nighlife, it has an amazing selection of restaurants, high quality hotels, nice beaches, offshore island offering nice day trips, good scuba diving and many other local places to tour.
If Pattaya is not the kind of place you like, it is a good starting point to start from if you would like to explore eastern Thailand or the islands of Koh Samet or Koh Chang. Find out all about Pattaya by exploring the website, and open your eyes to what is there. The site also has over 600 pages of information on all the popular destinations in Thailand, and also some of the less well known places to visit. Enjoy!

Are You Looking For Information On India Corporates Travel Agents Trade Associations Professional

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The moot question which arises is that whether , Indian businessman should explore the land of Thailand for TRAVEL business potentials or not .
The answer must be yes , since a few years back , the travel to Thailand for vacation has increased like anything and the favourite hot spots in Thailand were Pattaya and Phuket beside bankok. This has led TCEB, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the Department for Export Promotion (DEP), the Thailand Incentive and Convention Association (TICA), and the Trade Exhibition Association of Thailand (TEA) to tie up with various travel agents in india beside tour operators who are having great times to eat up their stake in tourism industry .
Ofcourse , government of thailand has also floated various schemes so that the tourism increases , these have been taken as the lucrative offers by Indian counterpart. Even , various online portals have also joined the race to see that all goes well with their interest as well beside giving value for money package to the tourists who are often Indian but also foreigners who enroute through india for the sake of best deals .
Recently , approximately 200-300 India corporates, travel agents, trade associations, professional engaged in exhibition industry , and convention organizers attended the India road show which was in Thailand and this has been taken, by thailand counterpart ,as the first step to win the heart of players of tourism industry in india which is at the peak.
TCEB as well as government of Thailand has taken all pains to support the flourishing travel industry due to high inflow of tourists from india by way of arrangement of various international trade shows, exhibitions ,fairs , meets , summits , conferences and festivals and this is making Indian businessman like anything .
Lets see who wins the race , Indian businessman or businessman f Thailand or both , the time is the right factor to decide , but at this point of time it cannot be ruled out Thailand is hot favourite amongst Indian tourists and the tourists reaching there are well taken care of , whether by tourism ministry , air carriers and hospitality industry , three cheers for Indian tourist which are VIP as on date as regards to foreign inflow of currency to the land of beaches and natural beauty.
We at , a subsidiary of ,worlds fastest growing b2b portal for businessman round the globe including india , just take care to let our viewers informed since perfect information is our motto , with this at your service always.

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