Affordable Accommodation in Pattaya

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Are you in the market for a luxurious holiday at a budget price? Consider the beach resort of Pattaya on the east coat of Thailand, which has the reputation for being one of the best beach resorts in the world. This is a resort that has something for everyone.

No matter what your budget is for your overseas holiday, Pattaya can satisfy you. From a private beach hut with luxury accommodation and superb facilities to a simpler hotel with a more economical price, Pattaya can provide them all.

There is also the option of a budget guest house that caters to the basic necessities and is situated further out from the heart of the city, which will cost less again, but are clean and comfortable. Some of the lower priced hotels also offer breakfast which can be included in the price of the room. It is also an option to simply pay for a room and share the bathroom facilities, which helps to keep the costs down even more.

A very popular choice for holidaymakers in Pattaya is the higher priced options. There are a number of hotels in the heart of the city that have excellent views. They also have the best of amenities. Take advantage of the close proximity to the shops and restaurants and simply walk into town. Stroll to the beach and to the nearby attractions of Pattaya.

Pattaya has been a fantastic tourist attraction for many years with a number of options as to where to stay. Some of the better known names in Pattaya are the Marriott Resort and Spa, Dusit Resort, Nirvana Place and the Tim Boutique hotel, to name just a few.

One of the most convenient ways to find suitable accommodation in Pattaya is to surf the internet. There are a number of sites that offer discounts on accommodation, so it is easy enough to compare the various quotes. From the luxury resorts to the more basic guesthouses, the internet can show you all the options. Look at the ratings of each motel or hotel, check out the various websites and even read the reviews written by people who have already stayed there.

Pattaya caters to everybody. Families, couples and single men and women can all find what they are looking for at this wonderful tourist attraction. Good planning and budgeting will ensure that you have a marvelous holiday, and all within your price range.

Exotic and Amazing golf in Thailand

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Over 260 golf courses, white sand beaches, tropical weather and friendly people make for an ideal golf vacation. Thailand golf holidays also promise a great value, top playing conditions, fascinating culture and awesome service. This golf in Asia paradise is growing in popularity, particularly with golfers and couples looking for an exotic golf location. The green fees are inexpensive from a western perspective. There is a wide range of courses, accommodations, destinations, sight seeing tours, and historical sights. The local currency is the Thai baht and there are golf courses in every major tourist destination. Golfers will find premier golf courses in Bangkok, Hua Hin, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Kanchanaburi (River Kwai), and Samui island.
The golf courses range from PGA championship layouts to municipal courses run by the Thai government and military. Every golf club has a clubhouse which serves a wide variety of Thai and western food. Caddies are included at all golf courses in Thailand and this makes for a fun way to enjoy golfing in Thailand. For the more adventurous, golf side trips to Vietnam and Cambodia are easily arranged from Thailand and these make excellent get-away golf vacation destinations. The capital city of Bangkok Thailand has over 60 golf courses to choose from. This makes Bangkok the usual first stop on most Thailand golf tours. In addition to golfing, there are numerous sights, markets, entertainment, and spas. It is an exciting blend of modern golf in a major capital city. Nightclubs, entertainment and restaurants give the city its after golf vibrancy.
The most popular golf courses are Thai Country Club, Alpine Golf Club, Navatanee Golf Club, and Royal Gems Golf Resort. Suwan Golf Club is a new course that rivals the others mentioned. Beach golf resorts entice many visitors, particularly Phuket, Hua Hin, and Pattaya. They caters to the golf holidaymakers tourists with numerous championship golf courses, hotels of all standards, shopping outlets and nightlife. Pattaya is also famous for its numerous go go bars and therefore appeals mostly to single golfers. Phuket and Hua Hin are more scenic and tranquil, thus attracts golf visitors who prefer more luxurious golf holidays. Thailand golf holidays can also appeal to non-golfers. Golf resorts which have on site spa and massage centers make for good choices for mixed groups of golfers and non-golfers.
Also resorts with water sports are well liked by golfers. Other activities such as elephant trekking, scuba diving, rafting, and Thai cooking are all very popular. The largest island in Thailand is Phuket and it is a center for golfers from around the world. Phuket Town is the largest town and a great place to shop. There are market stalls, department stores, shopping malls and outlets for golf equipment, antiques, and crafts. As usual on Thailand golf holidays, there are some premier golf courses like Blue Canyon, Mission Hills, and Red Mountain on the island.

Cheap Hotel In Pattaya Helps You Cut Down The Expenses

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Pattaya is one of the major tourist destinations of Asia continent. It is a place that has got all the ingredients of making a holiday a memorable one. So, if you too want to plan your next holidays in Pattaya, you can find out a cheap hotel in Pattaya to cut down the expenses of the entire trip. Although, in most cases, it is difficult to find a cheap accommodation and get the desired location and facilities but if you want to save money you have to let off the luxuries.

But when you try to find out a cheap hotel make sure that you do not compromise on the basic amenities. For example, there is a misconception that a cheap hotel refers to the one, which does not provide proper linen and clean bathrooms. But this is not true. It depends upon the traveler. He/she has full authority to check the details of a hotel before he/she books one. And this becomes more important when you want to go for a cheap hotel.

Pattaya is a one of the World’s best beach resorts because of which it attracts millions of tourists every year. For this reason, the tourism department has to take care of every type of tourists. And that is why; here you can find many cheap hotels that offer you good accommodation and the basic facilities. The reason why these hotels offer you their services at cheaper rates is that either they are located in some distant area, far away from the center of the city or they do not offer the luxuries of the five star hotels. And most importantly, at places like Pattaya, the competition is tough between the hotels and hence they try to offer their services at the least possible price and the guest gets benefited.

So, it is not that you have to compromise on the quality of the accommodation that much in a cheap hotel. And this can only be ensured when you choose a cheap ones with much care. You can also find cheap accommodation with the help of those services that offer discounts. You can take advantage of these discounts in off-season. The hotels do not have much customers and that is why they offer you services at less price.

So, if you want to find a good but if you can find cheaper hotel in this city, then take help of the Internet. The Internet has directories for all the hotels in Pattaya and you can find out the cheaper ones. There are details of the specific hotels so that you can sort out the ones that offer you maximum benefits at the least price. Also, you can find out what you will get and what will not be there in a chosen cheap hotel. This prepares to accept the ambience and still enjoy your holiday.

When you plan to go to Pattaya, for sure you are going to spend much time outside your hotel. So, it is no harm to go for a cheap hotel in Pattaya on the condition that it offers the basic services.

Sanctuary Of Truth

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The 3 or 4 trips I have had to Pattaya, I have gone out on at least one trip. These have been difficult as waking up at noon is early for me while on holiday. But, I have made it a point to see at least one point of interest and have had a good time everywhere I have gone.

The first time I did this, I visited the Sanctuary of Truth. I had never heard of this place and couldn’t recall ever seeing it mentioned at all on the Internet – that has changed – but at the time there was no web page and it wasn’t listed anywhere on the “things to do in Pattaya” sites.

I decided to go to the Sanctuary of Truth after looking through a binder of brochures at a sidewalk tour vendor. Total cost was to be 1000 Baht for me and another 1000 Baht for the young lady with me. This worked out to about 25 dollars apiece.

So, what did we get for our $25? We were picked up at the guesthouse and hopped in the van and headed out. After about 20 minutes we had arrived at the most amazing temple I had ever seen. Completely hand-carved out of different types of wood right along the Gulf of Siam. Describing it here would not come close to doing it justice – so I will just have to tell you – if you are in Pattaya – go to the Sanctuary of Truth.

After a guided tour of the temple, we hopped on horses and were guided around the grounds at a slow trot. I hadn’t been on a horse since I was a teen, and it was a fun way to spend an hour.

Then it was time for our included lunch. We were given a burger, fries and a drink and the food was very good. Even the Thai girl I was with liked it.

After, lunch it was time to see the dolphin show. It was very professional and entertaining. The dolphin show reminded me of shows I had seen before in Florida and Hawaii.

We still had some time left, so we wandered back to the temple and walked around again on our own. It is one of those places that just makes you stand and stare in awe at the beauty and grace of the carvings.

At about 4 PM it was time to head back to the room and we got back in our van for the short ride home. So, for 25 dollars you get a guided tour of a beautiful temple, horseback ride, lunch, dolphin show and transportation. This tour is highly recommended and can be booked by any hotel or sidewalk travel vendor.

Orissa Clash and Christian Missionaries

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The recent Hindu-Christian clashes in Orissa during Christmas where many churches were burnt again shed light on the complexity of religious conditions in India. As usual Hindus and Hindu Organizations are being blamed. But, before getting into these blame games, it’s important to state the facts.

Orissa has been a favorite destination of Christian Missionaries for proselytization.

The illegal conversions are being carried out by missionaries in tribal areas. In Kandhamal District alone the Christian population has increased from 6% in 1970 to 27% in 2001, despite an Act enacted by Orissa Legislature in 1967 to prevent conversion by allurement, coercion, bribery and cheating1. On the eve of Christmas, the community had organized for a massive ‘conversion’ camp in a predominantly Hindu tribal area.2 When the Hindu tribals under the leadership of Swmi Lakshmanananda protested against this, he was attacked. Everything started from this unprovoked attack by Christian goons on Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati who was visiting his disciples in Darsingbadi village in Kandhmal District on 24 th December.

The issue again highlights the ugly face of religious fundamentalism, in this case Christian fundamentalism. It raises the questions about the motive and inspiration behind the ‘proselytization’.

The missionary works are not new. According to the documents of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, the Biblical authority for missions begins quite early in Genesis 12:1-3, in which Abraham is blessed so that through him and his descendants, all the “peoples” of the world would be blessed. Others point to God’s wish, often expressed in the Bible, that all peoples of the earth would worship Him. Therefore, Christian missions go where worship is not, in order to bring worship to God.3 In the 16th century the proselyization of Asia was linked to the Portuguese colonial policy. As soon as Christianity came into power, heathen temples were defaced and closed and their revenues transferred to the Church. “We command that all their (heathens’) fanes, temples, shrines, if even now any remain entire shall be destroyed by the command of the magistrates” was the order of the day. (Theodosius Code, 380 A.D.). In Great Britain and Germany, priests and monks moved about destroying the groves and shrines of the people. The last regions to lose their religions in Europe were Prussia and the Baltic states.

Varying attempts to stamp out infidels and heretics often proved to be inadequate, so the Holy Inquisition was formed by Pope Gregory IX in 1231 to make the efforts more organized and efficient. Burning was quickly decided upon as the official punishment. In 1245, the Pope gave Inquisitors the right to absolve their assistants of any acts of violence which they might commit in the fulfillment of their duties. Torture of suspects was authorized by Pope Innocent IV in 1252. The Inquisition was not limited to Europe, as Spaniards brought it to the Americas and used it to punish the native inhabitants. Through the 1500s, 879 heresy trials were recorded in Mexico alone.4 The historian Hernando del Pulgar estimated that the Spanish Inquisition had burned at the stake 2,000 people and reconciled another 15,000 by 1490 just one decade after the Inquisition began.( Cited in Kamen op. cit., p. 62.). Juan de Zumarrage, first Bishop of Mexico, writing in 1531, claimed that he personally destroyed over 500 temples and 20,000 idols of the heathens.5 The Goa inquisition which lasted from 1560 to 1812 is considered as the most violent inquisition ever executed by the Portuguese Catholic Church. Inquisition proceedings were always conducted behind closed shutters and closed doors. Hindus were brutally interrogated, flogged, and slowly dismembered in front of their relatives. Eyelids were sliced off and extremities were amputated carefully6. Viceroy D Constantine de Braganca issued an order on April 2, 1560, instructing that Brahmins should be thrown out of Goa and other areas under Portuguese control.7 At the end of 1567, 300 Hindu temples were destroyed.8

These incidences are not just something to be read in pages of history, but it is very much happening even today. Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati says “There was no problem when Christians were not here in Paikia. With their numbers increasing, they forcefully took away Hindu girls and forced the neo-converts to eat beef. They set several temples on fire. Be it Birupakhya Mahadev´s temple or temple at Malarimaha or my Ashram at Rupagoan, the Christians conspired to set them on fire. They threw mortal remains of cows on mandirs. Kondh tribal´s Goddess Dharani Mata´s places of worship in several villages were dishonored. The sacred sword at a temple at Bramhanigaon was forcibly taken away by the converts who melted the sword in public and prepared their weapons with that looted material” 9

In the Lausanne report ‘Christian Witness to Hindus’, they state in details the methods to be adopted to convert different sections of Hindus. They discuss about Rural Evangelism, Urban Evangelism and Student Evangelism. They explain how ‘Miraculous Healing’ helps to convert people. They give strategies to be employed to use mass media, social gatherings, and seminars to their advantage.10

The Niyogi Report provided details of how much had been contributed by which Western country to the total of Rs. 29.27 crores received by Christian missions in India from January 1950 to June 1954. It notes that USA, UK, Canada and France contributed around 21 crores, 5 crores, 2 crores and 8 lakhs respectively. The Report revealed that the bulk of this foreign money received ostensibly for maintaining educational and medical institutions was spent on proselytization. It has been contended, said the Report, that most of the amount is utilized for creating a class of professional proselytizers, both foreign as well as Indian. There were 480 foreign missionaries working in Madhya Pradesh at that time. Out of them as many as 236 were Americans. The Report gave concrete instances of how mission schools were used to influence the minds of young people. Harijan and Adivasi students came in for special attention. They were given free boarding, lodging and books provided they attended Christian prayers. Bible classes were made compulsory by treating as absent for the whole day those students who failed to be present in those classes. School celebrations were used for showing the victory of the cross over all other symbols. Hospitals were used for putting pressure on poor class patients to embrace Christianity. The richest harvest, however, was reaped in mission orphanages which collected orphans during famines and other natural calamities such as floods and earthquakes. ‘No wonder,’ observed the Report, ‘that the largest number of converts is from such backward classes living in areas where due to various causes only Mission schools and hospitals exist. Most conversions have been doubtless insincere admittedly brought about in expectation of social service benefits and other material considerations’.11

Christianity has been following a policy of ‘Inculturation’. This means that it adopted Pagan elements in Christianized form in order to ease the transition from Paganism to Christianity. Pagan gods became Christian saints. Pagan Festivals became Christian festivals. In this process of inculturation, the Christian Church adapted old forms to its new message, but made sure that through the Pagan veneer the Christian doctrine was impressed upon the converts12. “Indigenization,” says Kaj Baago, “is evangelization. It is the planting of the gospel inside another culture, another philosophy, another religion.13” In Indian case, ‘Inculturation’ or ‘Indigenization’ means ‘the incorporation of Jesus in Indian spiritual tradition’. Fr. Bede says “In India we need a Christian Vedanta and a Christian Yoga that is a system of theology which makes use not only of the terms and concepts but of the whole structure of thought of the Vedanta”14

Sita Ram Goel divides Hindu-Christian encounter into 5 phases. The first phase began with arrival of Portuguese and Saint Francis Xavier, where they used all crude and violent methods of proselytization. This ended with end of Portuguese rule. The second phase began establishment of British rule, where the language and methods of missionaries was as crude as before but they were not allowed to use physical methods. This ended with rise of Hindu reformation movements of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Swami Dayananda Saraswathi, and Swami Vivekananda. The third phase starts with the advent of Mahatma Gandhi and his slogan of sarva-dharma-samabhAva which forced Christian missions to change and soften their language. This phase ended with the Tambram Conference of the International Missionary Council (IMC) in 1938, which decided to reformulate Christian theology in the Indian context. The fourth phase which commenced with the coming of independence where the Christian right to convert Hindus was incorporated in the Constitution. The missionary apparatus multiplied fast and became pervasive. Christianity had never had it so good in the whole of its history in India. The only rift in the lute was the ‘Niyogi Committee Report on Christian Missionary Activities’ published by the Government of Madhya Pradesh in 1956, and Om Prakash Tyagi’s Bill on ‘Freedom of Religion’ introduced in the Lok Sabha in December 1978. The fifth phase which is currently running started with Hindu awakening that resulted in Ram Janmabhumi movement.15

Over these long period of Hindu-Christian encounter, only the language and methods of ‘followers of Jesus’ has changed, but the motive has always remained same. Lausanne report in its introduction says- ‘We give thanks to God Almighty for his gracious act of salvation in Jesus Christ, which has made possible the entrance into the Kingdom of God for over 565 million Hindu people dispersed throughout the world, with the majority in the Indian sub-continent.

We rejoice in the fact that the saving Word of God preached faithfully by God’s servants has brought about a Christian population of about 19 million people in India alone. However, we are conscious that God longs for the whole Hindu people to know Jesus Christ and live under his Lordship16’ These words clearly speak out that the sole goal of the missions have been Christianization of whole world including India and in this process destroy the cultures of the world.

This desire to Christianize the whole world is due to the fact that the doctrines of Christianity are intolerant of others faiths. The biblical God is Jealous and Violent. It is assumed that Jesus means ‘Peace’ and the message of Christianity is peace and equality. But Bible says-

‘Think not that I am come to send peace on earth; I came not to send peace, but a sword.”(Matthew, 10/34)

‘God is jealous, and the Lord revengeth; the Lord revengeth, and is furious; the Lord will take vengeance on his adversaries, and he reserveth wrath for his enemies’. (Nahum, 1/2)

The Biblical God is intolerant, ask its followers to torture Non-Believers, to break the idols and images.

And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months; and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.

(Revelation, 9/5)

But thus shall ye deal with them; ye shall destroy their altars, and break down their images, and cut down their groves, and burn their graven images with fire. (Deuteronomy, 7/5)

If a man abides not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.(John, 15/6)

It is this intolerance, which inspired the ‘Followers of Jesus’ to commit great crimes. The source of proselytization by force and fraud lies in Christian doctrines which have heavily been criticized by Nietzsche, Thomas Paine, Voltaire, and Bertrand Russell. But, still it is common in secular brigade to say “All Religions are Equal”. How can we equate a religion which is so intolerant, whose God is jealous and tyrant and exclusive with a religion like Hinduism which is tolerant, inclusive and spreads peace? The best solution to counter the Christian threat is to counter the Christian Dogma which is the source of proselytization.

“Auspiciousness be unto all; peace be unto all;

Fullness be unto all; prosperity be unto all.

May all be happy! May all be free from disabilities!

May all look to the good of others!

May none suffer from sorrow” (Shanti Mantra)












11 Niyogi Committee Report On Christian Missionary Activities published by the Government of Madhya Pradesh in 1956

12 Salvation: Hindu influence on Christianity by Dr. Koenraad Elst.

13 Kaj Baago, Pioneers of Indigenous Christianity, Madras, 1969, p. 85

14 Bede Griffiths, op. cit., p. 24.



How to Bangkok Holiday Packages Tips

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Bangkok is the capital, largest urban area and primate city of Thailand. The city’s mix of Thai, Chinese, Indian, Buddhist, Muslim and Western culture combined with the driving force of the Thai economy makes it gradually more nice-looking to foreigners both for business and happiness and has made the city the world’s top tourist objective. A river journey in Bangkok provides a very different viewpoint of life in the city on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, an aspect you can’t get from the usual Bangkok city tour.

Bangkok’s nightlife has a status for life form natural and noisy. But at the same time it’s comfortable, secure, agreeable and great fun! Quickly establishing itself as Asia’s capital of cool, Bangkok’s miscellaneous nightlife panorama facial appearance everything from excellent live music and good jazz clubs to ultra cool bars, trendy clubs and great restaurants – and goes far beyond its once-upon-a-time seedy and mischievous image. The traveler can find Bangkok by night as a careless place to relax with a drink, enjoy a straight dinner while listening to a live jazz performance, take a dinner cruise on a traditional teak rice barge down the Chao Phraya river in the moonlight or enjoy a conventional dance presentation at the Patravadi Theatre, where conventional and fashionable theatre elements are included into something quite unique and Thai. Bangkok is known for its large green sections within the city centre, including the large forest park between Yannawa and Samut Prakan. The Stock Exchange of Thailand is located in Bangkok with over 500 listed companies.

Bangkok also includes many shopping and business roads like the Sukhumvit Road which includes high-rise business buildings, apartments, and shopping malls, Sukhumvit Road is where many foreigners like to come shopping. Bangkok is Thailand’s major tourist gateway, which means that the majority of foreign tourists arrive in Bangkok. The city boasts some of the country’s most visited chronological venues such as the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and Wat Arun. There are numerous projects to maintain Bangkok’s momentous sites in the Rattanakosin area and river districts. Wat Pho, which houses the Temple of the Reclining Buddha or Wat Phra Chetuphon, is located behind the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in the Grand Palace. Thailand has a variety of shopping experiences from street markets to world class luxury malls.

Tourists have in times gone by always preferred markets to the other forms of shopping. The Chatuchak weekend market is one of the largest shopping destinations in Bangkok. Bangkok offers a widely varied nightlife. Like nearby Pattaya, the city is notorious for some concentrations of massage parlous, go-go bars and karaoke places, with Pat pong, Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza being the main areas catering to male tourists. This has led Bangkok to be called ‘The World’s Biggest Whorehouse’. Millions of people from all corners visit Thailand every year to enjoy its nightlife, which led to the growth of new hotels clubs and bars. In many nightclubs in Bangkok, you will see dance very sensual. Nightclubs, nightclubs, taverns and offer customers all sorts of alcoholic beverages. A section keen for the Pat pong nightlife is, in most of this district, you can also visit the interesting Nana Plaza.

International Travel: Sights To See

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Some of the world’s best places to see outside the USA are listed below.
First Australia is the global tourist’s favorite for its beautiful beaches, cosmopolitan cities, Great Barrier Reef, vast outback countryside, adventure sports and unique wildlife. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth are Australia’s largest cities, where most holiday makers arrive. In Australia, you can go scuba diving in the Indian or Pacific Oceans, watch cricket, play beach volleyball or go bungee jumping. Experience the wildlife of Australia like koalas and the ubiquitous kangaroo. On a trip to Australia you can learn about the native Aborigine people.

China is not be missed. Sights worth seeing are the historic palaces of the Forbidden City in Beijing, modern cities of Shanghai and Hong Kong, the sandy expanses of the Gobi Desert, the Terracotta Warriors of Xian and the Great Wall of China. Don’t miss the rare Giant Pandas in the forest, try delicious Chinese cuisine, and bargain for traditional Chinese silks, which were transported by camel caravan along the famous Silk Route from ancient India. Travel to Tibet, the rooftop of the world. [URL=""]Travel Forum[/URL]

Thailand is one of the most visited tourist destinations in South Asia. Famous for its tropical beaches, pleasant climate, Buddhist pagodas, and friendly people, Thailand is a popular destination for honeymooners, surfers, and backpackers in search of an exotic holiday. The vibrant city of Bangkok, the beaches at Phuket, Pattaya and Ko Samui and the temples at Ayuthaya and Chiang Mai, are popular tourist destinations in Thailand. Thai Cuisine is another delicious attraction that draws tourists to this beach country.

Italy is famous for its art and architecture, its museums and historic cities, sunny Mediterranean climate and Italian food and wine. Italy has many attractions these include Vatican City; the Forum, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, churches, museums, cafes and restaurants in Rome; the canals and Piazza San Marco in Venice; the Renaissance art and architecture of Florence and Naples; the historic cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum; the fashion capital of Milan, and the scenic Amalfi coastline. Rome is a destination with many attractions for lovers of art, culture and beauty.

Argentina is a beautiful country in South America, with graceful colonial buildings, the rolling pampas grasslands, pleasant climate and warm people. Attractions of Argentina include the cobbled streets, restaurants and café’s of Buenos Aires, the colonial architecture of Cordoba, the beaches at Mar del Plata, the expansive pampas grasslands and the stunning Iguazu Waterfall surrounded by tropical rainforest.

The spectacular scenery of New Zealand includes lovely beaches, thick forest, rolling hills, steep fiords, bubbling geysers and volcanic mountain peaks. New Zealand’s unique wildlife such as the Kiwi, the native Maori culture and the opportunities for adventure sports makes New Zealand one of the world’s best travel destinations.

Kenya is located in East Africa, at the base of the horn of Africa. Its capital is Nairobi. It is known as the birthplace of humanity, Kenya is famous for its magnificent wildlife sanctuaries, ancient Swahili culture, beaches and coral reefs. Amboseli, Masai Mara, Tsavo and Mt Kenya National Parks are worth seeing on your trip to Kenya. The busy city of Nairobi, the Rift Valley landscape and Lake Magadi are a must on your travel itinerary.

International Property Agent in Thailand

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Property market in Thailand is booming. One of the most famed destinations in South-East Asia, Thailand is a highly sophisticated tourist spot with a universal appeal. For many reasons, investing in Thai property market is regarded as beneficial. Many foreigners, inspired by the serenity and beauty of such Thai destinations as Koh Samui and Pattaya, have chosen Thailand as their destination to spend retirement life.

Even retirement visas are available for foreigners of more than 50 years of age. Thailand also boasts of well-maintained infrastructure, apart from superb schools and state of the art medical centers. Its growth is further enhanced by the completion of the Suvarnabhumi-Bangkok International Airport (SBIA.) Apart from these, the country is one of the cheapest destinations to fly. All these make Thailand a great place to live in.

When comes to property market, Thailand has a number of properties, ranging from very cheap to very expensive, based on the nature of the location. No matter it is commercial property, industrial property, or residential property, the country has excellent options. Commercial property in Thailand includes executive home office coupled with reception and waiting rooms, cubicles, and board rooms; office spaces with huge reception areas; and shophouses, which are ideal for retail, spa, and beauty salon establishments.

Likewise, excellent property is available in the beach areas of Central Thailand, Eastern Thailand, and Western Thailand for conducting such businesses as small bar, restaurants, and resorts. In the case of residential property, choices are truly endless. Few among the residential property choices are apartments, serviced apartments, houses, townhouses, villas, condominiums, and flats.

Fully furnished condominium units, Mediterranean style villas, and apartments are among the most favored residential choices among expatriates seeking luxury and excellent facilities. Townhouses, mostly located on the outskirts of the city, are a great choice for people looking for inexpensive options. Likewise, serviced apartments are preferred by business travelers, and are regarded as an excellent alternative over high-end hotels and resorts.

In order to cater to the varying needs of both local and foreign investors, a myriad of real estate firms and property agents are in Thailand to help find a property that goes according to the requirements and budget of investors. A good number of international property consultant firms also operate here in order to assist investors in facilitating effective as well as successful investment in international properties.

No matter you are looking for a property for investment in Thailand or property located in some other countries, an international property consultant firm can guide as well as assist as per your specific needs. Usually, these types of firms undertake a range of services in connection with real estate, such as, property search, research and consultancy, providing services with regard to sales as well as leasing, residential project marketing, overseas marketing, market positioning advice, valuation and advisory, lease management, property management, and after sales services covering leasing services and rental remittances.

One of the prime benefits of leaning on the services of international property agents is that they can easily find you your dream property and that too in your desired location. A specialty of international property firms is that they usually consist of a network of offices and partners in several countries. This in turn enables firms to make you well-informed regarding the property market not only in Thailand but also in other countries. They can also provide you with valuable advice, economic information, and market analysis reports, all of which help you to take effective investment decisions.

In addition, in most cases, these types of consultants boast of more than 500 property professionals, who can provide comprehensive services in all arenas of property consultancy. Other benefits of these firms are extensive research, professional services, excellent market knowledge, and global reach.

Thailand Hotels: Setting Standards

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Thailand is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. With its breath-taking natural beauty, ancient temples, mouth-watering cuisine and comfortable accommodation options, Thailand has truly become a traveler’s paradise. The kingdom of Thailand has lovely hotels and resorts to provide visitors world-class hospitality. The Thailand hotels are successfully catering to the needs of even the most discerning traveler. They are creating standards for themselves. The Thailand accommodation options are well known for their warm hospitality and friendly services.

One of the world-class hotels in Thailand is the Nirvana Place Hotel. The hotel is situated between Jomtien and Pattaya, overlooking the clear azure waters of the Gulf of Siam. This 5-star Nirvana Place Hotel has cozy rooms, with a wide array of facilities and services. Travelers can choose from the decorated one and two bedroom luxury boutique suites to stay in style and elegance. The dining and recreational facilities in this hotel are satisfying.

Anantara Resort & Spa Golden Triangle, located in Chiang Rai is one of the finest accommodation options in Thailand. This resort offers privacy, luxury, comfort and tranquility to all its guests. The rooms are elegantly decorated and come with a wide range of in-room amenities. This Anantara Resort & Spa Golden Triangle is a perfect hillside retreat, away from regular hustle-bustle of city life.

In Bangkok, tourists will get the Amari Boulevard Hotel to reside in. This luxury hotel of Thailand is set on the Sukhumvit Road area, which is one of the city’s most lovely destinations. The hotel is comfortable, convenient and is well-known for its personalized services and friendly behavior. The Amari Boulevard Hotel features varied and modern amenities to make you feel comfortable and nice.

Among the famous Thailand hotels, one can stay in Best Western Ban Ao Nang Resort. The resort is located in Krabi in southern Thailand. The location of this Best Western Ban Ao Nang Resort is simply great, with Ao Nang Bay and beach within a walking distance. This resort offers convenience to leisure and business travelers alike.

The Serene Hill Boutique Health Resort and Spa is situated in Koh Samui, one of the popular tourist destinations in Thailand. With its central location, the resort is within easy reach from major tourist attractions and business centers in Koh Samui. The resort is known for its tranquil settings and cordial services.

There are also many budget hotels for the budget-conscious travelers. One of the nice budget hotels in Thailand is the Club Coconut Resort Hotel in Phuket. Club Coconut Resort Hotel offers peaceful accommodation coupled with word-class hospitality and friendly services.

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Leisure Activities In Pattaya Thailand

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Besides beaches, shopping centers and night-life, Pattaya also offers a great number of interesting sports and other activities for foreigner, especially those who plan to have a long stay in Pattaya. Here are some of interesting activities.

Water sports such as parasailing, sailing, snorkeling, diving, and swimming.

For parasailing, the boats will pick you up from the Bali Hi Pier and take you out to the pontoons where instruction to novices and experts alike will be given. This pursuit cannot be undertaken on windy days, and safety is a key factor.

Sailing in Pattaya is very popular, where various national and international regattas take place. Many sailors sail over to Koh Lan or one of the smaller islands for the day and return in the afternoon.

Snorkeling is the activity which is popular Diving is a very popular pursuit on the Eastern seaboard and Pattaya has several specialist companies with instructors and supervisors. There are many dive sites around Pattaya, the profusion of coral and fish, a sea temperature of around 28 degrees and cheap prices, this is a favorite venue for many international divers.

Swimming in the sea is very popular with both Thais and Europeans. Don’t be surprised if the Thais go in the sea with their clothed. They are not used to showing in public, and it’s warm enough to dry off very quickly when they get out.

Go-karting at the Pattaya Kart Speedway

One of the tracks is 800 meters long, nicely design with water waiting for the clumsy. Moreover there are a few types of karts to choose from and all of them are very good and well maintained.

Golfing courses in Pattaya

Playing Golf in Pattaya can totally spoil you for returning home. You can play golf at a different course every day of a two week holiday and you still won’t play all the international standard courses within an hour drive of Pattaya.

Many of Pattaya’s courses are Country Clubs and designed by Nicklaus, Faldo, Thompson, Wolderidge, Dye and Trent Jones.

Gyms, spas, and massage

Pattaya has a tropical climate is therefore ideal for the pursuit of outdoor activities. However, for an indoor healthy lifestyle, Pattaya is also among the best. The vast number of 5 star health massage organizations, beauty parlous, spa and fitness centers mean that Pattaya really is the place to improve you overall and look

Other activities in Pattaya

The Pattaya Bridge Club for the more leisurely.

Wandering along Walking Street and its many beer bars, girlie bars, music venues, cabarets, and restaurants.

Day trips to the Tiger Zoo, alligator and elephant farms, sapphire mines, orchid gardens, and culture villages at Mini Siam and Nong Nooch Village; countless other places of interest in the Pattaya area.

Latest Hollywood movies a the Big C and Royal Garden shopping centers; or purchase DVDs at bargain prices from street vendors.

If you’re creative, build a studio to write, paint, or invent things or join a writers group and write about your travels.

Attend an international convention at one of the big hotels.

Numerous places of religious worship: temples, churches, and mosques.

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